Treasure Trove

I came across a treasure trove of great analysis here.

Basically all the stuff from Cubed. In particular the following:

Why Is Islam So Different? An Overview
Education and Jihad, Part 1
Education and Jihad, Part 2
Education and Jihad, Part 3
Education and Jihad, Part 4
Education and Jihad, Part 5
Education and Jihad, Part 6
Education and Jihad, Part 7
A Recipe: How to Make a Muslim (Part 8 of the Education and Jihad Series)

Especially the first and the last. I'm not sure I really agree with it all though. Basically she says this conflict is between Plato and Aristotle. Specifically between elite leadership and individual rights. I don't think it needs to be an either/or. My personal view is that what we currently have is the best I know of. We elect a government, and then the government uses science, rather than polls of ill-informed citizens, to make decisions. We still have a problem with ill-informed citizens voting though. But if we didn't have that, we wouldn't have any constraints on power. I think therefore that the government needs to do more to inform people, at least come election time. Explain the reasons for all the actions since the last elections and what needs to be done after the next elections. You could argue that they are already doing that. What do you do about an incompetent electorate more interested in American Idol than liberating and securing the world?

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