Marked for Death

You damned lefties make me sick. Take a look at this. A little over halfway down there is a picture of a happy Iraqi woman showing her purple finger. A free woman. An ally. Our ally. An ally of the free world. And the caption says that she is marked for death if we cut and run now. Which is exactly what happened to our South Vietnamese allies. How can you people do this? How can you have exactly zero compassion for these poor people? Or even negative compassion. Maybe you want her dead because she's one of Bush's allies?

Just like Obama called John Howard one of George Bush's allies. Rather than Australia being a longstanding ally of America, Australia is of no value to Obama, and Australia can go jump in the lake as far as he's concerned. Right on Obama. You'll make a great president I'm sure. Meanwhile he's busy sucking up to the Palestinians.

Well, the good thing is at least our respective loyalties are at least out in the open. Me, I want to protect that Iraqi woman as Australia's highest national priority. That woman risked her life because she trusted us. To betray her is a sin like no other. I'd rather the Indonesian terrorists blew up another night club full of Australians than betray this woman. At least the night club deaths are not our fault or responsibility. But that woman is our direct responsibility. She did what we asked her to do - take her freedom by defying the terrorists. Now we need to ensure that Iraqi law is not changed - either via military coup or external invasion (or by some freak of nature if all the Iraqi security forces died of food poisoning and the terrorists were somehow able to seize power) - so that that woman has the entire Iraqi state protecting her rights.

I can't believe we did this to the South Vietnamese already. I was actually alive when that was happening. I was 8 years old. Even after I was an adult I was still carrying around the lies about how we were the bad guys in Vietnam, killing the Vietnamese people for no reason at all. It was many years later before I finally found out that I'd been lied to. Just one lone voice here and there and I realised that I was living in an Orwellian world. Since I am a rationalist I am willing to question every piece of information in my brain, so I discarded this popular mythology the same way that the Tooth Fairy was discarded.

For God's sake, can't we at least get an agreement from the left that they will at least provide air support and special forces, the same as was given to the Northern Alliance? And a commitment to use them in case of military coup or external invasion. Is that too much to ask for? I know if that woman is abandoned it will be the left who does it, not the right (of which I am a part), but I'm not looking for a personal excuse, I'm looking for protection of a human. A beautiful human. I wish there were more nations in the coalition with majority support, so that even if US/UK/Australia abandon Iraq, someone else with basic morality would step in to make up for our gross immorality and negligence. But unfortunately we're the last line of defense. There's no-one left to turn to, unless Canada were to come to the rescue. But if it were going to do that, it should be doing so already. What a desperate situation.

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