Islamic Slavery

There is an interesting article here about some of the Islamic literature. In particular there is this phrase:

"To say I'm going to have two or three children and that's it -- that's not allowed. The way we overcome the people is through our numbers."

Note that word "overcome". That's what is planned for the non-Muslims. Basically some sort of domination/subjugation/slavery. Note that this is not something new. It was only 70 years ago that we had "Deutschland uber alles" - "Germany over all". This is an intrinsic part of human nature. The inherent desire to rule/enslave/subjugate others. It's hard-wired in our genes. Slavery is as natural as breathing. It was practiced all over the world, including by blacks. Racist blacks like to make themselves out as eternal victims of slavery, without ever acknowledging that they were just as guilty of it themselves, and without acknowledging that it was whites who finally came to the conclusion that slavery was wrong and went about and stopped everyone else from doing it. Moses never thought to outlaw slavery in the 10 commandments. Indeed, you can find in the bible that slavery is actually authorized (Leviticus 25:44). Jesus didn't think to point out that slavery was abhorrent, and merely said "God loves slaves". No attempt was made to correct the 10 commandments. This ommision has caused a lot of human suffering, which is exactly why the bible shouldn't be treated as the word of God - because it implies that if God had wanted to abolish slavery he would have explicitly said so. Quite apart from the apparent mystery of why God would get a human to write the bible instead of just zapping one up himself. Or preferably a thousand such books, in every language, so there are no translation errors. Etc, etc, etc. The absurdities pile up. There is a rational explanation as to why God did it this way though. But to understand it you need to be rational in the first place.

It is also hard-wired in our genes to protect our lives. But even something as basic as that can be overridden so that we saw Japanese kamikaze and we see Muslim suicide bombers. What that demonstrates is that it is possible to override our genes via indoctrination. The indoctrination wins out. Hands down.

All that remains is to decide what to indoctrinate people WITH. One thing we must always be sure of is that we indoctrinate people with the desire to QUESTION everything they were indoctrinated with! Just in case we've indoctrinated them with the wrong thing, even though we did our best. Maybe there's a good reason for slavery that we haven't thought of. Maybe sacrificing virgins really does make the sun rise. Who knows? So this is the most important thing to do. In short, teach people to FIGHT DOGMA. Any idea, no matter how absurd, must be allowed to be raised. And then CHALLENGED, CHALLENGED and then CHALLENGED AGAIN.

Next, we must address this genetic desire to enslave. It's more general than that. I don't think the Germans wanted to start buying and selling Poles at the local slave market. Slavery is the wrong word to be using. If you use it, it will confuse people. You can see this confusion here:

"Equality, then, was a well-understood principle, but what about the other word Bonaparte mentioned -- "liberty," or freedom? This term caused some puzzlement among the Egyptians. In Arabic usage at that time and for some time after, the word "freedom" -- hurriyya -- was in no sense a political term. It was a legal term. One was free if one was not a slave."

So you first of all need to get the right word, before we can even BEGIN the conversation. And that right word is SUBJUGATE. Slavery is just one particular form of SUBJUGATION. It is SUBJUGATION that is hard-wired into our genes. Subjugating your children, your wife, your animals. The Germans have overcome their desire to subjugate by being told that it is bad to conquer others, and that we should respect people's human rights, and not be racist. Things like this. This is a complicated way of doing it, and it is fraught with danger, as it is not addressing what is actually in their genes.

Instead of being taught that "war is bad", the Anglophones, or at least seemingly half of them, have been taught (one way or another) that fighting for freedom is good. But the Americans define freedom as "independence from Britain". And then they see that all these sadistic dictators are independent from Britain so they get confused - maybe those countries are already free??? Add to that confusion the fact that Australians have been taught that we were the oppressors in Vietnam, stopping the Vietnamese from being free. And now everyone is confused about what the hell are we supposed to do?

Actually, I was partially confused too, but I at least knew enough that women shouldn't be raped, men shouldn't have their tongues cut out, and everyone should have freedom of speech so that they can tell us what they want, so that we can begin to figure out how (or if) we should help. It took a hell of a lot of effort for me to finally arrive at the all-important word "subjugate".

So now finally we can address the confusion that those Egyptians had. The best the Egyptians could come up with was:

"When the French talk about freedom, he says, what they mean is what we Muslims call justice."

A totally different concept.

But what the Egyptian was really looking for is this:

"mouharabeet al isti3bad"

which means "fight subjugation".

How that Egyptian was able to get his incorrect message out to people, while I have completely and utterly failed to get the correct message out to people, despite more than 2 years of trying, is another story. I need to discuss this with the "appropriate authorities" but haven't been able to get them to return my emails. If I was a woman I could claim that it was because of sex discrimination. If I was black I could claim it was because of racial discrimination. As a white male I have nothing to fall back on. It's almost like there's a worldwide anti-rational conspiracy designed to stop the whole world giving in to rational thought and making the world a really boring place. Maybe that's a good thing? It does have the effect of making me continually try to calculate a way out of this conundrum. Which provides for unlimited entertainment as I try to figure out how to end the human rights abuses and state-slavery that have at its heart subjugation.

And closer to home, how to avoid being "overcome" by the likes of Abdul Raheem Green and his breeding machine. I hope the Australian government legalizes euthanasia so that I can escape from this before I end up as one of Green's slaves. I had my tonsils removed and I know what it's like to be knocked out via a general anaesthetic. It's totally benign. Instead of authorizing them to cut out part of my body, I want to be able to authorize them to lop off my head, or anything else that is quick and painless. I think it is vital to have this escape route available before Green gets to me. It should be available all over the world. Afghan women shouldn't have to set themselves on fire to get out of a marriage. If the government isn't going to protect them, then they need a painless way of dying until such time as the Afghan government is shamed into protecting them. The Afghan government should merely be questioning people why they are choosing euthanasia (one of their human rights not mentioned in the US Bill of Rights), and seeing if it can stem the numbers by changing policies.

The Australian government is changing policies at the moment, working to ensure that immigrants are signed up to Australian values (I wonder if their test will look anything like this? :-) ). It should make sure Australians born here get taught them at school too. I'd like to see them go further though, and show immigrants quotes from the bible and the Koran authorizing slavery, and ask people whether they think these passages are the word of God and should thus be followed. If they can come up with some plausible reason why they should be ignored, or better yet, fought against, then they can get in. Anyway, at least the government is working on the problem. That's really great. It's even got bipartisan support. I just don't trust Labor, as it is vital that the overseas liberations continue if we are to solve this problem. Otherwise we are partly working blind. Quite apart from the immorality of leaving innocent people enslaved.

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