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The Arabs seem to be taught a very myopic view of history, which needs to be corrected. No-one else seems to be stepping up to the plate so I'll do it myself.

First of all, ancient history is of little value. It was mainly dictators fighting other dictators for no ideological advance. I'll start in 1901 when Australia was formed, an example of the UK releasing her colonies with a vote, not a fight, when they were ready for self-rule. Australia's ideology was roughly secular capitalist liberal democracy, or in other terms - rational, humanist, non-subjugating government.

In 1914 World War I was started by a German dictator wanting to conquer other countries for the glory of Germany. Basically the enemy ideology was nationalism. The UK, France, Russia, Australia and others went to war against Germany, Turkey and her allies. The Russians left at half-time, and the immoral neutral US slackers turned up late (but not too late thankfully). The good guys (ie with an ideology of rational, humanist, non-subjugating government) won. Unfortunately France rubbed Germany's nose in defeat. If the US had had its way it is magnamious in victory (which has been proven to be the most strategic ideology - the best way to defeat an enemy is to convert him into a friend - and this ideology is what should be applied to fights in the schoolyard too). Casualties in WWI can be found here.

In 1939 World War II was started by Germany and Russia (both dictatorships) against the UK, France, Australia and others. The enemy was nationalism, Nazism and Communism. Unfortunately France was defeated and the UK, Australia et al were in an extremely tight spot. Once again the immoral American slackers were remaining neutral while the poor British were being pounded into the ground. Fortunately Germany decided to go to war with their partners-in-crime the Russians, and a right slugfest ensued. This made Russia an ally. Fortunately the Germans declared war on the US as well, so once again the Americans turned up to save the day. Europe and Germany was divided into West and East, the West being rational, humanist, non-subjugating governments and the East being communist dictatorships. The Russians went and raped lots of German women. This time the Americans got to run the show in the west, and were magnamious in victory, and donated lots of reconstruction money to Germany in the form of the Marshall Plan. Germans are forever grateful for being helped to their feet (yeah, right). Regardless, they've stopped shooting at us, which is a good start. Also Japan went to war with the US and was defeated. Casualties can be found here.

Then the Cold War (World War III) began, as Eastern Europe remained enslaved by the Russian/Soviet communists. America protected Western Europe via NATO. The enemy was both Russian nationalism and communism, mainly the latter. After a lot of effort, the Russians finally figured out that communism was a complete and utter failure, and they peacefully switched to capitalism (which remains the best economic system to have been demonstrated to work, despite any real or imaginary flaws). During the Cold War there were a couple of minor battles in Korea and Vietnam. The immoral British failed to turn up to the battle in Vietnam and the stupid and immoral Australians and Americans abandoned our South Vietnamese allies to communist gulags after winning a comprehensive victory. It should be noted that the Americans did the heavy lifting during WWIII and the whole world owes them a debt of gratitude.

We were still in the process of consolidating our WWIII victory (including getting the Baltics into NATO before Russian nationalists changed their mind) when 9/11 happened. This was quite a shock as it was not an attack from a nation state. The free world's fight has been largely confined to nation states - trying to win them over to our side. 9/11 forced us to fight an ideology that was not represented by a nation state but instead represented by individuals. The free world had been led to believe that all religions were basically the same, and all races were basically the same, so we needed to investigate these assumptions. We were attacked by Arab Muslims. Was the enemy Arabs or Muslims or both or neither? We basically needed to go to the Middle East and knock on a few doors, find out exactly who the enemy was, then start killing them. Only other Arab Muslims were in a position to explain to us who the enemy was. This feedback came in the form of Iraqi blogs.

Via the Iraqi blogs we were able to ascertain that the enemy wasn't Arabs, but instead an ideology of racism. And the enemy wasn't Muslims, but an ideology of religious bigotry. In more general terms, which explains all the wars since 1901, the enemy was dogma, non-humanism and subjugation. The correct ideology to counter this was anti-dogma, anti-non-humanism and anti-subjugation in order to install (at least) rational, humanist, non-subjugating governments which would in turn convert the population into the same thing. This is an ongoing process and is still a long way from completion. It is also unclear whether the governments of the free world actually understand this yet. They certainly haven't announced it.

Bush has only identified the enemy as 3 tyrants in an Axis of Evil (Iraq, Iran and North Korea), "international" terrorists and Islamofascists. Western commentators on the left have identified the enemy purely as Osama Bin Laden and they have not explained how we're actually meant to capture him (he's probably hiding in Pakistan). Do they want the US to invade Pakistan or what? Commentators on the right have identified the entire Islamic religion as the enemy, but again have not really come up with a plan on how to eliminate that. The most I have seen them propose is unleashing fury in Iraq. Which basically translates into killing lots of random civilians. ie terrorism.

The actual ideological enemy of the free world has been identified by me on Sept 11, 2004 and the strategy to eliminate it has been documented here since June 2005. The US government has been following this strategy to date, whether by design or by coincidence is unknown. It is not strategic for the US government to publicly identify the enemy at this point in world history as it will alert the enemy. It is more strategic to pick the enemy off one at a time, trotting out some excuse as to why "just this one last country" needs to be invaded.

Also, read this which I posted previously, dealing with Anglophone history.

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