Dhimmi Revolution

There is an interesting article here about organizing a revolution of Dhimmis (second-class non-Muslim citizens in a Muslim country). What I like most is the way Westerners work. Given an environment of freedom, we sit down and start INVESTIGATING and DEBATING. This article says that the time of the individual is over and it is time to form groups, meeting face to face, lobbying politicians, swamping lettors to the editor, that sort of thing.

I really fail to see how meeting face to face is any better than electronic communication. Electronic communication is superior in that you actually get to keep a record of the conversation. I think we need to reassess what we're actually trying to achieve. I don't think we're even going to agree on what the problem is. Is the problem Islam or is it dictatorship or is it Nazism or is it all of them, or is that just the tip of the iceberg? In my opinion it is just the tip of the iceberg. Identifying "Islam" as the enemy is a missed opportunity to list all of our enemies (racists, religious bigots, non-humanist, dogma etc).

I think we instead need to get a petition going along the following lines:

We, the undersigned, request the following:

University courses must be opened up to Middle East studies that don't whitewash Arab/Islamic history/culture. Things such as rampant racism amongst Arabs, rampant religious bigotry amongst Muslims, slavery, imperialism, brutality, Nazism must be explained and discussed. A non-whitewashed explanation of what is in the Koran and Mohammed's behaviour should be provided.

Iran should be liberated, if for no other reason than to provide more feedback from free Muslims as to what they really think about the West. Do they support the government's "Death to America" slogan or not? What are their main gripes and are they reasoned?

A project, much like the Manhattan Project, designed to list all the threats to America and Western Civilization in general, and propose solutions to them. With special emphasis on where Islam fits in to that. The project must not be restrained by political correctness, and every issue raised should come with a consensus opinion followed by any counter-opinions. The consensus opinion should be updated to include any counters to the counter-opinions.

Answers to the following questions (plus any others anyone can think of) must be provided by the project:

1. Should Islam be treated like Nazism?

2. If Hitler had added "God says" to the front of "Mein Kampf" would it be treated as a respectable religion?

3. Why are Christians not following the bit of the bible that says to stone your own children to death if they are disobedient, and does this provide a solution for Islam?

4. Why did 50% of Iraqis feel liberated while 50% felt humiliated?

5. Why did non-Iraqis see Saddam as an Arab hero while only 5% of Iraqis support him?

6. Why did 50% of Americans support liberating Iraq while 50% opposed?

7. Why did the vast majority of continental Europeans oppose the Iraq war instead of being split 50/50 like the Anglophone countries?

8. Why do the Afghans strongly support foreign troops on their soil while Iraqis strongly oppose it (if you can believe the polls).

9. Why is there a large insurgency in Iraq compared to Afghanistan? Feedback from Iran would be helpful too.

10. Is indoctrinating a child with hatred child abuse?

11. Why were feminist groups silent on Saddam's institutionalized rape?

12. Why are there documentaries and films on the horrors of Nazism, but not of Communism or Saddam's regime?

13. Why did the media cover up John Kerry's "Christmas in Cambodia" lie and fail to investigate the Swiftvets claims?

14. What is Western Civilization actually based on? Judeo-Christian principles (which are what exactly?), or Aristotle's Golden Rule, or the Englightenment? What are Japan and Taiwan's liberal democracies based on and are they the same as American/Europeans? And how do Afghanistan and Iraq's democracies measure up?

15. Is the communal violence in Northern Ireland similar to the communal violence in Iraq?

16. When Al Sadr said that any British women captured would become sex slaves, why did no-one at all condemn him, and he still managed to win seats in parliament?

17. Why does Sistani's official website list "kaffirs" (non-Muslims) alongside such things as "faeces" as "najis" (filthy, untouchable). Why has this not caused outrage in the world, with the Iraqis falling over themselves trying to distance themselves from Sistani?

18. Why are there large numbers of Russians revering Stalin who caused enormous suffering to Russians, let alone others? Why do we not have this problem with Germans regarding Hitler? Are there any lessons here for Muslims reverence of Mohammed?

All of these things need to be combined into a comprehensive explanation of the variations in human psychology, especially evolutionary psychology.

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