The Incredible Left

It is really amazing how the left is totally silent on all the atrocities committed by Muslims, going to incredible lengths to excuse them. But when it comes to the right-wing, nothing short of perfection is acceptable. And when you can't see anything the right is actually doing wrong, simply fabricate something. I hope this is the last gasp of the left. Their entire Soviet-inspired worldview is completely shattered.

Here are some obvious things that I expected to hear from the left, but didn't:

1. Well, I don't agree with this war, for various reasons, but I sure as hell am looking forward to seeing the Iraqi people freed and the criminal Saddam brought to justice for all the crimes he committed against the Iraqi people. All feminists in particular should be overjoyed that the institutionalized rape is going to come to an end.

2. Well, I don't really agree with you that Saddam poses a threat to the US. But I can clearly see that you are concerned. And trust me, I care far more about your peace of mind than I do about some sadistic tinpot dictator in Iraq's "right" to enslave 27 million people. So, I will not prevent you from having access to the weapons you need to take out your enemies. They're sure as hell not my allies, I'm not going to do anything to protect them.

Do we see anything remotely like this? Nope. Well, there is this. But this is a Marxist who actually cares about human rights, rather than someone who is opposed to war but is genuinely concerned about his countrymen and tries to accomodate them.

It's amazing how low humans can stoop. Actually I can forgive the terrorists, they don't actually know any better. They are basically victims of child abuse, having been indoctrinated with an evil ideology. But the western left has been taught how to tell right from wrong. They should know better than to romanticize sadistic dictators while bashing the free world.

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