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I've been chatting with Australians recently, trying to get them to support the liberation of Iran, and in one of the conversations, this popped up. It's a frightening look at how Middle Eastern immigrant gangs are taking over Sydney. I live in the north, well away from this problem.

The author correctly identifies the problem of these immigrants not sharing our values. The solution to this problem is to first of all identify our values, then spread them. We're going to have trouble spreading them in Australia while the Middle East itself is still spewing out anti-western hatred. In order to fix the problem with minorities here, we need to fix the problem with majorities over there. With great effort, I have already identified Australian values here. That's the first step. America is already spreading these values for me, because it shares them, but it is not doing it in a direct manner. In actual fact, I do not want America to spread these values directly. I just want them to break open freedom of speech in the Middle East so that the people of the Middle East get exposed to a wide variety of new ideas. And to see if they will adopt them on their own, ie without being forced. If they don't adopt the ideas on their own, we can come back later and start forcing things on them, as we more-or-less did in Germany and Japan.

I can't stress how important it was to penetrate the black box that was Iraq. We needed to know how these people could manage to live together WITHOUT adopting our values. The short answer is they can't. That's why we have sectarian violence. Instead of bending over backwards trying to ensure that they are not religious bigots (and in the west even going so far as to be religiously-bigotted against your own religion, or that of the majority), they are instead wallowing in unrestrained religious bigotry. To solve this problem they need to adopt Australian values. This is a separate problem to ensuring that Iraq's democracy is militarily protected. That is a straightforward technical task for the military to carry out. But adopting Australian values is something that the Iraqi politicians need to come to grips with. There is no evidence that they are doing this. What there is evidence of is Australian politicians realising the need to identify and spread Australian values. The British also realized this after British-born citizens tried to blow up airliners. I don't know why they don't just read my blog. :-) I've had the answer for over 2 years if they had bothered to look. One day people are going to realise how tragic it was that the answers were available for years but they were too far above everyone's head. I don't know why people are unable to grasp what are straightforward concepts to me, the most signficant being that NATO is a NATURAL alliance of anti-subjugators and non-subjugators.

Anyway, I'm going to have another shot at telling the government what Australian values are, and hassling the Iraqi bloggers to lobby their government too. I'm not expecting anything to come of it though. That's my experience. Although I have had some people on IRC totally impressed by them. But it ends there. I thus have no measurable progress. But the problem is that I really do consider this to be my burden. Americans can't do it lest they get charged with imperialism - forcing their will onto others. The British have the same problem. But Australia is a former colony rather than an imperialist power (although we did have PNG as a colony at one point). It is hard for people to accuse Australia of being imperialists. And it is especially hard for people to accuse me personally of anything, as I am a private individual with no connection to either the government or the military. None of my family have any connection either. Although it would be even better if the Iraqi bloggers would pick up the ball, as they can't be accused of being racists, since as we all know, only whites like me can be racist.

So, I'm still quite perplexed. The environment is not reacting in a logical manner, and I'm not sure how to correct that. But let me have another crack at it.

UPDATE: Here is a more recent article. I'm glad someone is actually at least acknowledging that we have a problem instead of covering it up.

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