There is a good post (plus comments) on lefties dragging out the "Chickenhawk" carnard. Here is my opinion. First of all, it is extremely important to decide where we want to end up. To me, that is every country being a clone of Australia, ie that goes out of its way to fight for freedom. Or if we can't have that, then at least be neutral like Switzerland. We don't want people who are anti-freedom. But we can debate this. Some people seem to think that dictators are respectable.

The next thing we need to discuss is how we are going to achieve the end goal. I'm of the opinion we should use all available resources, which includes war. But we can debate this too. Some people seem to be of the opinion that it's OK for a dictator to use force against his slaves, but not for us to use force against the dictator. Whatever.

Then, for the actual implementation of the plan, if war is chosen as the best option, we need to find people to fight it. It actually doesn't matter a damn who implements it. We can use our own volunteer army, we can pay other governments to send their forces, we can hire mercenaries, we can conscript people - the result is the same. We can debate which one of these options is best. The military is like any other job on the free market - you can more-or-less have whatever you're willing to pay for. The limiting factor is actually the economy.

And to get the economy at the highest possible output requires people to do the job that they are best at. In my case I'm a kick-arse programmer and my taxes helped pay for our kick-arse military. If I were instead to displace a military person our economy would suffer and our military would weaken. And then there's the fact that I'd make a truly lousy soldier. I'm not the sort of person who can be ordered around. I'd probably get into personality clashes with fellow soldiers, probably leading to violence, and even if I didn't shoot them for violating my human rights, it would likely disrupt the unit. If I did shoot them, I'd be in jail actually consuming resources, a double drain on society. You need to understand that local human rights abusers are my enemy, not just foreign ones.

Right at the moment, I consider my talents to be best used trying to actually get my ideology accepted as the most rational, humanist course of action. I am not currently participating in the economy. Even if I were participating in the economy it wouldn't even allow 1 extra Australian troop to go to Iraq. The problem is not Australia's inability to send troops, the problem is the fact that the opposition is threatening to withdraw the small number of troops we already have there. I have been saving my money hard for years trying to financially secure myself so that I would be in a strong position to do whatever would make an impact. I had originally tried to make an impact with public domain software. I thought that was my calling, and just watched the progress of the free world with interest, not seeing that I would have any particular role in that.

E.g. I thought it was only a matter of time before freedom of speech would make Russia come over to our side, for whatever strange reason they weren't already. And I trusted the world was in good hands, with the free world securing itself and sneaking up on dictators (that was apparent behaviour). NATO was making effort to win Russia over, and I assumed that these were professionals who knew what they were doing. I used to read reports from Russia here. There was mixed opinion. And the number of nukes came down as well. Steady progress was being made.

Anyway, any opinions I express as a result of my analysis don't become any more valid if I go and find an Australian or US soldier who is willing to repeat them. What we actually need is a soldier service where we get a soldier who will repeat anything a civilian says, to force the moonbats to actually debate the issue. A soldier who believes in civilian control of the army (which is pretty much all of them anyway - I haven't met a soldier who thinks we need a military dictatorship or only veterans should have the right to vote).

But if push comes to shove and the only way we can get the next phase of the job done, which is to liberate Iran is if I personally am willing to die, then I propose that I play a game of Russian Roullette such that I have equal chance of dying as someone in the Iraqi theatre. Regardless of whether I live or die, the operation goes ahead, and no-one ever questions the right of civilians to hire an army to defend their interests again. Pretty pointless though. I read someone else saying he was signing up to the military just to shut up his friends. His signing up should be sufficient for all moonbats, not just his friends. But the moonbats won't accept that. Because all they're trying to do is silence opinions which they can't defeat via logic.

The rub is that the moonbats have us outnumbered. How do you defeat people who have no logic skills and no morals when they have you outnumbered at the ballot box? What would be ideal is if we could swap moonbats in our countries for those in dictatorships who want to be free. The opinions that moonbats want to express are not outlawed in the dictatorships anyway, so they wouldn't notice anything. There's a thought. Maybe that's why they don't have a problem with these dictatorships in the first place. They quite like the idea of having the right-wing silenced and hearing a single voice from Ahm-a-damn-nutjob. And with so many anti-white whites, is it any surprise that we have anti-American Americans? All hope is not lost yet. We still have 2 years to do a near clean sweep of the dictators. But I don't trust Bush to give the go-ahead. But there's no way to tell at this point in history. His current action of staying with Iraq is still the right thing to do. To give Iraq the best shot possible before being forced into Iran before the moonbats stand down the US military.

UPDATE: And given that the moonbats effectively wanted Saddam to continue being allowed to chop people's tongues out, they should put their own tongue on the line and see what it feels like to have your tongue cut out. Now THAT would be justice. Although admittedly they'd still be able to post their asinine comments on the internet.

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