The Prophet Mohammed taught us an important lesson - about deceiving your enemy. If you are in a weak state, you should sign a truce, but as soon as you are strong enough, you should restart the war. It is this teaching that will ultimately win the war. E.g. China is currently passive. But if we allow the Chinese dictatorship to grow strong, it will eventually be in a position to conquer the world, and it will do so. We need to change China's state ideology/religion before that happens. Hitler also adopted Mohammed's teachings, and signed pieces of paper with both Russia and Britain "guaranteeing" peace. What more evidence do we need that pieces of paper are meaningless?

Which brings us to the ultimate deception - the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia. The Treaty of Westphalia said that each nation-state would be able to set its own state religion and that no-one would invade another state because they didn't like the state religion. It was a good idea at the time, as we hadn't decided which religion was correct, and no religion was able to dominate the others. However, centuries later, the equation has changed. North America and Europe have settled on a common state religion - Mu'tazilah, aka secular capitalist liberal democracy. We are now in a position where we can spread Mu'tazilah to the rest of the world, as Prophet Mohammed proscribed. And this is exactly what we should do.

The other sects of Islam are doing the same thing. Waiting till they are strong. Egypt will drive the Jews into the sea the moment it is able to. The peace treaty is completely meaningless. The other sects of Islam are also trying to win with demographics. It is vital that these other sects of Islam do not become dominant. They will plunge the world into oblivion. We need to ensure that it is the Mu'tazilah sect that engulfs the world. We need to be as crafty as the other sects. Anyone who ignores what the Prophet Mohammed taught us is a fool who will end up a slave.

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