Orwellian World

I have been immersed in the blogs and comments since the Israel/Lebanon war began, trying to understand the mentality of the protagonists to determine the geostrategic implications. The big problem is that the Arabs are using Orwellian double-speak as they accuse the Israelis of being Nazis, while they themselves are the Nazis. We need to de-Nazify the Arabs the same way that the Germans were de-Nazified. It will take years to achieve this. You wouldn't think that it was technically possible for an Orwellian world to exist. Do people not have brains with which to see the obvious? How do people's minds become so depraved that they can say that black is white? I think it is a case of projecting their own Nazism onto others. They assume that because they're racist dictators, that the other side is too, not aware that it's possible for anti-racist anti-subjugators to exist in this world.

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