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There is some brilliant analysis, a must-read, at this website. It's a bit difficult to navigate. You need to click on "MEDIA:REFLECTIONS" and then you will see "PARADIGMS", with 3 categories under that. They even talk about the problematic "rule or be ruled" culture of the Arabs. I've already sent an email telling the author that it's "subjugate or be subjugated" and that it is the NATURAL state of humans, but unfortunately I didn't get a reply. A pity, I was hoping for a long discussion. The rest of the website should be read as well, it's great.





Well, I was really hoping to liberate Iran first, and using as one of the excuses that it was sponsoring terrorism (Hizbullah in Lebanon). But the Hizbullah have pre-empted that strategy. Israel should take the opportunity (of having its soldiers kidnapped) to wipe out the Hizbullah in Lebanon so that the Lebanese Army doesn't have any challengers so that it can look after the country on its own. Israel will need to bear the cost of thousands of shells landing on its population.

UPDATE: Actually NATO should preempt Israel and go and disband Hizbullah themselves. However, if the job is left to Israel, they should go and liberate Syria after dealing with Lebanon.





Open letter to Nouri Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq.

Dear Sir,
First of all let me say how happy I am to be able to speak to free Iraqis. You have a beautiful democracy sir, my hat goes off to you. I would now like to talk to you about the crisis in Gaza.

Gaza is now free from Israeli occupation, yet militants in Gaza still fire rockets at Israel. The residents of Gaza are now paying the price for those rocket attacks, with Israel targetting the infrastructure. The basic problem here is that the majority of the people of Gaza have been radicalized to hate the Israelis instead of trying to build a civil society. There is no reason why Gaza can't be a European-style country with a 2-party system in a left/right split. Instead of having the choice of two terrorist organizations.

What I would like you to do is fix Gaza as I described. You can send some Iraqi forces to occupy the Gaza airport and make this your base. You can then train up new Gaza security forces who are committed to your new vision for Gaza. Money makes the world go around and the current security forces aren't being paid by Hamas. You will be able to pay your security forces. You need to disarm anyone who isn't in your new security forces. You need to implement the rule of law. You need to create two parties, one called "Left" and one called "Right" and let those two parties compete for power. At least for an interim period. When Gaza is a European-style country, it can choose to join with the West Bank, Egypt or Israel, as it wishes.

I ask you to announce this plan, but do not discuss it in advance with anyone else, e.g. the Americans or Israelis. This should be a purely Iraqi initiative (with a suggestion by an Australian CITIZEN). The US and Israel will be shocked, but they won't do anything to hinder a democratic Iraq from fixing Gaza. I am inside western culture, I know what their reaction will be. Don't wait for UN Security Council permission, just do it. You'll sort of need permission from Israel to overfly their airspace, but if you don't get it, don't worry about it. Israel is not going to shoot down aircraft from democratic Iraq. They'll just sit there stunned.

That's it. It's time for Iraq to step up to the plate and be the leader of the Arab world. Good luck sir. Oh, but a point of warning. Do NOT be tempted to go into the West Bank. There is still a territorial dispute there and Israel WILL shoot down your aircraft if you attempt to interfere there.

Paul Edwards, Australian citizen.





Well this quote from here brought me to tears today.

"The most heartwrenching event in my life happened today as well I honestly could barely hold back the tears when a very small kurdish girl about the age of my niece erin came up to me and asked now that I was here would I protect her and her family from the bad men... I didnt know how to respond so I gently told her yes I will protect you and your family from the bad men...".

It is IMPERATIVE that we get the general public to support this mission in Iraq. The fine men in uniform are able to bring the Iraqi civilians the protection they deserve, but the real battle is shoring up the homefront.




Fixing the World

We need a plan to fix the world. The most pressing need is to defeat our enemies such as Iran, and turn them into friends. Then we need to defeat the remaining dictators and turn them into LIBERAL democracies, and also get them to hold referendums on whether they would prefer to be colonies of some first-world country, thus ensuring clean government. We will then be in a position to stop wasting so much money on the military. Then we need to get capitalism working properly across the world, by fixing property laws, as described here. We also need to replace the horrible papacy which causes so much poverty by opposing contraception. We should replace it with the Mu'tazilah Caliphate. That's about as close as I think we can get to a smoothly running world, with every country being as good as Australia.

But first thing on the agenda is to overthrow Iran's dictatorship. As well as turning an enemy into a friend, it will start channeling the oil revenue into improving the life of the Iranian people instead of being used to fund pointless terrorism. I urge everyone to write to their government and ask for a declaration of war on Iran, similar to my letter to the Australian government. I urge everyone to concentrate their efforts on getting Iran toppled. This will create an INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE. We also need to do what we can to ensure that the institutional changes that have already occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq remain secured. The main thing there is to encourage others to support the Iraq war, as I am doing on IRC.


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