My Concern

I have stopped my day job and am instead totally committed to seeing the world through the final stages of freedom. It is imperative that we get a good news story from Iran. A 3 week war, install some reformers, then leave. Iran will be the inspiration for ending tyranny in other places such as Burma. The timing is critical. Iraq is taking far longer than expected. There's only 2.5 years left of Bush's presidency. Ideally Iraq will be finished before then and Bush will give the order to liberate Iran. But public opinion may be queasy on the issue and Bush may be persuaded not to liberate Iran. It is thus critical to get the public behind the liberation of Iraq. To explain to them that ending a holocaust is a noble achievement and to ignore the teething pains of Iraq's new democracy.

I'm optimistic that Iraq's new government will be able to defeat the insurgency within a year. But my predictions have been wrong before. I correctly predicted that the Shia and Kurds would be happy to be liberated and thus they would sign up for the new security forces and thus it was impossible for Iraq to fail. This prediction turned out to be correct. There are long queues to join the Iraqi security forces. It's really great. But I expected the Sunnis to realise they were defeated and not throw away their lives trying to stop the new Shia-led government. They have been throwing away their lives for far longer than I would have thought possible.

There are some reasons for new optimism. The Iraqis now have a democratically-elected permanent government. This body will now be able to decide on possible amnesty for the Sunni. This body can also request a NATO mission in Iraq, and Iraq will be able to join NATO's Partnership for Peace. I believe these things could happen on a timeframe that will give enough time for Bush to liberate Iran. It's exciting days. Far more exciting than watching men kicking around a ball.




The Culture of 666

Well 6/6/6 passed without incident, as I expected. The number 666 has already occurred, on Sept 11, 2004.

The number 666 is entrenched in our culture, as can be seen from this article, which I quote:

"It’s a number that the Reagans didn’t want as an address when they moved out of the White House in 1989 to the LA neighborhood of Bel-Air. So they changed their address from 666 St. Cloud Road to 668."

It is pointless to say that my miracle is not miraculous because 666 is just a number. That is being overly skeptical. The solution to the War on Terror, coming in message 666 on Sept 11 after my whole life searching for my religion as an atheist, is miraculous.





The latest scandal to arise is an alleged murder spree. Whenever I hear of such scandals I just ignore them. They are just noise. There are always people who break the rules of the institution. The appropriate response is to just try them and convict them. What is important is that the rules of the institution be perfect. And the institutions in Iraq are all perfect. Or nearly perfect, anyway. I don't like some parts of their constitution. But the institution of the US military is perfect.

I love to get my news from the BBC web site, because I can ignore all the news that doesn't have an institutional effect, such as earthquakes, Abu Graib scandals and murders. It's all just noise. The crucial battle is to implement perfect institutions world-wide. Or if not perfect then "to the best of our knowledge".

We're in a crucial stage of development at the moment. When Iraq quietens down, it will release all the US troops. Then there will be an opportunity for a blitzkrieg across the globe. At 3 weeks per country, the US can liberate the rest of the world in short order. If the dictators want to prevent that, they should really be forming some sort of alliance. But they're not. They're leaving it too late. They're like chickens, who get slaughtered one at a time, never the wiser. Historically, the Anglophones have liberated countries as fast as they possibly could. They couldn't really have done any more than they have already done. Let's hope that America doesn't just stop with enemy governments, but instead takes on enemy PEOPLE as well. The anti-American sentiment that exists across the globe.


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