The Fight for Freedom

I was born in 1967, during the Cold War. As a child I wished that we could use our militaries to free Eastern Europe, to find out if the people there REALLY wanted communism. But we couldn't do that because they were trapped behind the USSR's nuclear shield. As a child I wrote to the USSR and asked them to leave Afghanistan. I got a whole lot of propaganda material back in response. When the Soviet Union collapsed, I was so excited. I was hoping that Russia would join us and we could liberate the rest of the world together. But Russia did not want to join us. I needed to find out why. So I had conversations with Russians to find out why they were opposed to us still. They seemed to think that the US bullied other countries into joining them in NATO. They couldn't understand the concept that free nations NATURALLY join together.

I needed to find out what made free nations join together in an alliance. To find out why Russia wasn't joining us. During Desert Storm, something like 90% of the Australian population supported the war. I assumed that everyone else had the same ambition that I had, of wanting to free the world. It wasn't until Operation Iraqi Freedom that I suddenly found that half of my countrymen opposed the war. There was something radically different between me and at least 50% of the Australian population. It was imperative to find out what was inside me that made me want to liberate others. So that I could spread that concept.

The answer to these queries were in Iraq. I needed to find out what Iraqis would do in an environment of freedom. Whether the vast majority would be overjoyed at being liberated. The answers lay in the Iraqi blogs. At first I didn't join the comments section of the blogs, because I wanted to see the undisturbed nature of humanity. I restricted myself to emailing the Iraqi bloggers, trying to probe information from them. But none of the blog commentators were making the obvious argument that women were being raped by their own government under Saddam.

When I finally joined the Iraqi commenters, I didn't understand what the problem was. All I knew was that Arabs/Muslims were very strange people, and they had proven to be a threat, so they should all be wiped out. I needed to be given a reason why they shouldn't be wiped out. Until then, genocide was the obvious solution to the problem. I was an atheist at the time, but I knew that Christians posed no threat to me. I know what Christians are taught, and it is good. But Muslims were an unknown quantity. I wanted to see people's reactions to my genocide solution. To see if anyone could offer an alternative that would eliminate the threat. One of the first things I gleaned was that it was only the Salafi/Wahhabi sect that was the problem, not all Muslims.

But I still needed to understand why so many westerners opposed the war. Why didn't they care about Iraqi women being raped by their own government? Fortunately I finally cracked the code. It is to do with a tribal mentality that humans have. You have loyalty to people of the same tribe, and the tribes are ordered in priority. In the west we are taught that all people are equal, and that creates a big tribe of humans, collapsing the tribal mentality. To solve the problem of why half of the Iraqis felt humiliated rather than liberated, we need to think in tribal terms. We need to collapse their tribal mentality too. And the reason for NATO for staying in existance is also due to tribal mentality. NATO members are all anti-subjugators or non-subjugators, naturally allying against any potential subjugator.

I cracked the code completely in message 666 on an Iraqi blog, and the date of my message was Sept 11, 2004. Shortly after that I received revelations, and wrote my new religion based on message 666 plus some revelations. But the war continued. I sought refuge in IRC, trying to promote my new religion. That's when I ran across Waheed from Afghanistan. I got him to start a blog. I later sent him money which was to be used for the purchase of a car, and he would repay the loan by buying pencils etc for school children. I have asked him to get the US soldiers to hand out pencils to village school children when he's on patrol. I want the kids to know that the US soldiers are their friends.

And now the war continues. I spend all my time in IRC trying to convince people to support the war, and then showing them my new religion. I have tried promoting my religion by handing out fliers, by letterbox drop, and by advertising in a magazine. I've had no success at all. But I have had some success in IRC, where I have 11 Caliphs plus 5 other believers at time of writing.

As far as I know, I have done everything humanly possible to get the rest of the world liberated. I am not perfect, I have made mistakes. But I believe that I have perfectly done everything I could to get the world liberated. Culminating in message 666 on 2004-09-11. My reaction to atrocities has been both perfect and geostrategic.

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