I was in a chat room yesterday with someone who was accusing Australians collectively of keeping the Aboriginals down. This is an interesting phenomena which I would like to discuss. Basically my whole life I have been raised with the MSM blaring that "whites are racist". This has led to white people being defensive and swearing blind that they're not racist. It has led to white people truly not being racist. But the media is still stuck on the opinion that the only reason blacks et al are not doing so well in society is because of racist whites. And it's not just our media, the foreign media does the same thing, and foreigners are taught how racist whites are and as an example, Hitler is used - as if Hitler were representative of modern-day whites. And once again, the whites are keeping the Arabs down.

So now we find ourselves in an Orwellian world, with the racists universally being acclaimed as non-racist while the non-racists are acclaimed as racists. It has led to super tolerance among the whites, as we are constantly reminded how wonderful the foreigners are, and if only we could achieve their level of non-racism, the world would be so much better.

This "Arabs are just the same as us" attitude has had the effect that when it came to the liberation of Iraq, we were expecting the Iraqis to be happy to be liberated, and we were happy to be liberating them. We got to see who the real racists were - the left wing. The left wing viewed the Arabs as a different culture and thus we shouldn't be interfering with their internal affairs. They presumably liked living under a dictator and being raped and killed.

So now we have a situation where we need to ensure that the Arabs are no longer raised with gross racism. And that they're not raised as religious bigots either. This is actually the solution to the War on Terror - eliminating racism and religious bigotry. Stop the Muslims from only praying for other Muslims as the non-Muslims are sub-humans on their way to Hell. The same as Christians are well-versed at praying for all humans. It's a tough job to make this cultural change. I think the internet will help though. We can all do our part via chat rooms. Because the truth is on our side.

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