War of the Worlds

My mother told me that she was sponsoring a child in Uganda. While doing that is obstensibly noble, in my opinion it is best to channel the money into newly-liberated countries instead. This will create the most bang per buck, as it gives a capitalist country a chance to prosper and become self-sufficient. It also means that the people will associate American intervention with increased prosperity so that more people will applaud the US dropping bombs on their country.

Basically even as a child I recognized we were in a war - between the Free World and the Non-Free World. Donating money to Uganda has NO MILITARY EFFECT and thus putting money into that is like pouring water into sand. It is best for the limited resources to be spent helping a country which already has the foundations (such as capitalism) laid, so that the resources are not squandered. Most importantly, this form of aid comes with an associated MILITARY EFFECT, such that it helps secure a new member of the Free World who will hopefully join NATO eventually too.

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