NATO Juggernaut

From the NATO map you can see that NATO's tentacles are spread far and wide. I hope that NATO will eventually reach places such as Thailand and Australia. Beyond that, I hope that the entire world ends up joining NATO and we can rename "NATO" to "UN". Note that NATO is predominantly a DEFENSIVE alliance, so the fact that every member country has veto power over offensive operations is not a problem. It hopefully makes countries like Russia and China less worried about this massive military power on their doorstep. NATO is already on Russia's doorstep, and if Afghanistan joins NATO, then NATO will be on China's doorstep also. For us to have a land bridge to Afghanistan, we just need Iran toppled. Iran is the lynchpin in so many ways. Let's just hope they keep their nuclear program going so that the US will be goaded into action. I'd hate to see this country remain in its current state.

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