The Bomb

There was a time when the left-wing went around screaming for an end to nuclear bombs. Of course they only wanted OUR bombs eliminated so that the commies would win World War 3. Well, we need to remind people of the dangers of nuclear bombs. There is nothing more important than ensuring our ideological enemies such as Iran do not gain these weapons. Also, even if the Iranians don't use nukes as a terrorist weapon, the fact that they have these weapons will make them immune to toppling, regardless of the level of atrocities that they are committing against "their" own people. If I had it my way, every country in the world would be able to be liberated by a coalition of NATO members. Even America.

If the unthinkable happened and the US had a military coup somehow succeed, I would like to know that the other 25 members of NATO would have sufficient air power such that they could provide air cover to defecting US troops so that they can be helped to victory similar to how the Northern Alliance was. But no-one is going to liberate the US if it is hiding behind a nuclear shield. We are very lucky that the good guys are on track to win World War 4. We are very lucky that the forces of freedom are so strong. The world would look very different if the US just so happened to have a dictator like Saddam in power. We need to safeguard freedom as much as possible. We need to snuff out every possibility of the free world being endangered and losing what we have already achieved.

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