Islamic Reform

The Religious Policeman hits the nail on the head with the following:

"1. A Council of Muslim scholars today produced the definitive "New Quran". Based on the original version, it omits all that Dark Age anachronistic stuff about stoning adultresses, beating wives, beheading Kuffars, amputations, lashing, lying to unbelievers and Jews, the so-called sin of Apostacy, and eternal Jihad, and instead concentrates on the good bits about worshipping God, loving all his creatures, respecting our fellow-men, and being charitable to one and all. It will henceforth be the definitive religious text for the Faith. The "Old Quran" will be retained merely for its historic and poetic interest."

This is exactly what is required. Or alternatively, the bad bits need to be explained away, as I do in Mu'tazilah. It is imperative that the Qu'ran not be treated as a dogma. This is the main cause of backwardness in the Muslim world. Can anyone remember when the Muslims last made a contribution to civilization?

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