Forced Marriage in Pakistan

When I read this I was infuriated that girls can still be forced into marriage in this day and age. I am also furious that the Pakistanis call their country "Islamic State" trying to show that they are more pious than others, yet they couldn't be further from God if they tried. And I liked this swipe at God himself:

"If only I could drag this somnolent inept God down from his throne and occupy his place for one day, I would make this world a paradise. I would end all these pains and sufferings. I would end all the injustices and cruelties by giving wisdom to all humans."

Hear, hear.

But these are the restrictions we live in. If only a handful of people will recognize me as God, then I can't put this right. As an alternative solution, I want the NWFP conquered and the rule of law spread there. A country should be geared to ensure this basic protection of children. Why do the Pakistanis want the other half of Kashmir incorporated into their horrible state when they can't even bring legal protection to the population they already have?

The world is in a BAD state. Military force can fix these problems in lieu of people recognizing me as God. It'll be too late to save this girl, but we can hopefully protect the next generation. This is so, so wrong. And we can't even get people to agree that protection of human rights in Iraq is a good thing. What a horrible world we live in.

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