Bush's Record

Open Letter to George W Bush, President of USA.

Dear Sir,
I'd like to applaud your virtually impeccable record since being in office. You have done everything almost exactly the way I would have done it too. And that includes pulling back in Fallujah the first time so that we could find out exactly what sort of government terrorists were planning on creating, and what the reaction of the local residents would be. But let me elaborate the things I think were done wrong.

First of all, before you got elected you said you didn't want to do "nation building". I think that is a horrid thought. Most of these countries that need nation-building are former colonies. Your country was keen to get rid of the colonial powers. As such, it also needs to take responsibility for the generally hopeless governments that replaced reasonable colonial rule.

Next thing that was done wrong was a halt in the bombing campaign against the Taliban. You offered them a deal where they could hand over Osama Bin Laden. That would have been a horrible result. Some tinpot terrorist in custody, while 25 million Afghans were condemned to live in state-slavery. The correct thing to do was to use the opportunity to fix Afghanistan. Thankfully the Taliban took a good attitude - refusal, so that your hand was forced.

Next problem was almost the exact same thing - you gave Saddam Hussein an opportunity to lay out the WMD or face war. This is another horrible thought. Iraq was the least radicalized of all the Arab countries. We needed to find out if there was some underlying reason why the Arabs didn't have democracies. Leaving the Iraqis under Saddam would have destroyed our ability to analyze them and garner the knowledge required to liberate the rest of the world.

I now urge you to take on Iran. There are up to 70 million allies in Iran just waiting for a chance to be liberated. The best indication that they are allies is the fact that the Iranian regime doesn't dare hold free and fair elections. Iran will complete the jigsaw puzzle. What you need to do is use planes from carriers to ground the enemy aircraft and then call on the people to rise up at a particular date and time. At the moment they don't have a rallying point and they don't have a way of defeating helicopters with automatic weapons. Note that the US Revolution only succeeded because of French heavy-lifting. Please do not put unrealistic expectations on unarmed civilians being able to overthrow modern military weapons. The US can make all the difference in the world in this fight. I hope you will take my points into consideration. Also, call on the Iranian military to defect. There is no need to disband the Iranian conscript army, meaning you don't need to spend time doing peacekeeping. It is imperative that we find out how little force can be used to topple a detested regime.

I understand that you have already gone out on a limb trying to spread freedom. I urge you to stay on that limb until the job is done. History, written by free nations, will reward you with the justice that America is not currently receiving. Please hang tough.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Edwards, Australia.

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