Not So Great Britain

Open Letter to Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Dear Sir,
First of all, thanks for your contribution to liberating Iraq. It was much appreciated by those that matter (ie the anti-subjugators).

However, I was very disappointed by your reaction straight after the liberation of Iraq. You immediately ruled out doing the same in Iran. Why? It almost looked to me like you only turned up to Iraq so that you could attempt to sabotague the coalition from within, by setting yourself up as arbiter on when to go to war. Trying to keep the US military on a leash. Why? Are you a 5th column or what?

I also note that your country has never apologized for standing idly by, in the middle of the Cold War even, while thousands of South Vietnamese allies were frogmarched off to commie gulags against their will. Why? After all America has done for the UK, you didn't see fit to show up to help America help the South Vietnamese. Why?

We are at a unique point in history when we have an opportunity to liberate most of the world. This includes ending the Iranian holocaust, which on top of state-slavery includes institutionalized rape. Why aren't you interested in doing this? I'm suspicious that you have never even considered the problem from the point of view of an Iranian rape victim. Why? Do you not have empathy for strangers? If not, can I recommend you change religion to Mu'tazilah?

I don't mind admitting that I would have much preferred to see the Tories get elected in the UK. It seems that left-wing parties across the world have no concept of empathy for the oppressed in the Middle East. But empathy aside, the Iranian government is engaged in terrorism against Israel. Oh, but that brings up another point. You don't seem to have empathy for the Israelis getting blown up in busses either. And what about the Iranian policy of "Death to the US"? Are you not interested in standing up to protect the US either? Is this payback for the US failing to stand up to protect you at the outset of both World Wars? Well, I'm an Australian. And Australia stood up to protect you, on time, in both World Wars. And now I'm asking you to stand up, not to protect Australia, but to protect the US - the object of Iran's venom. I wish I was dealing with the right-wing UK party instead of the left-wing, but I have no choice but to play with the cards as they have been dealt.

Please do the right thing in Iran. The world is watching. History is recording. Don't go down on the wrong side of history like you already have in Vietnam.

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