NATO-Russia Alliance

Open letter to Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, NATO Secretary General.

Dear Sir,
I am concerned that NATO is not approaching Russia in the most sensible manner. From the Russian point of view, it appears that Russia is retreating while NATO is advancing. It looks dangerous. Especially when combined with the fact that NATO appears to be anti-Russian. The assurances that NATO continually gives to Russia are insufficient. NATO needs to explain who it is an alliance against. I believe I have the answer to that.

NATO is a NATURAL alliance of non-subjugators and anti-subjugators against any potential subjugator. By putting its forces into Georgia and Moldova, Russia is causing itself to be characterized as a subjugator. Russia doesn't realize this, and NATO doesn't know how to explain it properly. You need to explain to Russia that by pulling its forces out of Georgia and Moldova, it will suddenly become a non-subjugator and an alliance with the non-subjugators in NATO will suddenly be possible.

I can understand why no deal was done with Russia when enabling the Baltics to join NATO. This made it clear that Russia could not veto new members joining NATO. However, the situation with Georgia and Moldova is not so crucial, as neither country will be qualified to join NATO in the short term. I recommend spelling out to Russia exactly what will be available to it if it vacates Georgia and Moldova. Specifically, I think that the NATO-Russia Council should be changed to the NATO-Russia ALLIANCE with mutual guarantees of security. ie an attack on Russia is an attack on NATO and vice-versa. I further recommend that the NATO-Russia Alliance should be based in Russia. I also recommend that unless a NATO member has a special need to do so, NATO should no longer meet at 26. It should always meet at 27.

I am a big supporter of NATO - I believe it is the most wonderful organization in the world, and I hope that Australia can eventually join. But it is vital that we secure Russia's support instead of squandering this opportunity and driving Russia into China's arms. There is no need to sell out Georgia and Moldova. But we should be offering the largest possible carrot to Russia. At the moment that is not being done. The Russians instead feel left out in the cold, which I know is not what NATO really intends.

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