Iraq Diversion

Former US presdident, Bill Clinton, has complained that the Iraq war has diverted attention from the War on Terror. Nothing could be further from the truth. The War on Terror is proceeding in the most optimal manner possible. ie US resources have been deployed in a logical manner. Minimal resources required to do the job have been placed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

However Pakistan is the most interesting place. There are tribal areas in Pakistan that have never actually been conquered. The British drew up a map including these territories without first conquering it. And the problem with lawlessness remains today. These areas still have slavery being practiced. It is in these tribal areas that it is believed that Osama Bin Laden is hiding. Pakistan has been making moves to try to assert control over this territory.

What exactly is Clinton recommending be done about the War on Terror? Does he want an invasion of Pakistan? Even though Pakistan is being cooperative and it is possible we can get everything we need in Pakistan via diplomacy? I think we should not open a war front with a fairly cooperative country like Pakistan. That is a waste of resources. The resources are better spent toppling an uncooperative regime like Saddam's was. In addition, toppling Saddam has provided a lucrative environment of freedom where we can study Arabs. This is an integral part of the War on Terror. It is not a diversion.

The US continues to do the right thing. But it is vitally important that after Iraq is secured that Iran is toppled next. We need to know whether we can kick-start a revolution using air power and special forces. Iran will shape the future of combat. Regime change in Iran is easier to do than conquering never-conquered areas of Pakistan. We should leave the difficult job till last, and see how much of the job has been completed by Pakistan itself before we open a new war front. If we need to fight Pakistan, it would be good to have a democratic Iran which may let us use their territory to attack into Pakistan (possibly via Afghanistan also).

Clinton - you had your chance. Now is time to let someone who knows how to secure the free world do his job.

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