The Board is Set

My last post garnered a trackback to this post. And I thought that was a good way of putting it. In the same way that the Australian Lighthorse charging Beersheba led to the capture of Jerusalem. The world is currently a giant chess board, or perhaps a jigsaw puzzle. The unexpected length of time Iraq has taken to win has kept the suspense going for longer than expected. Will Iran be liberated or not? There were scary times in both Australia and USA late 2004, but luckily both pro-war parties were reelected. Which effectively sealed Iraq's fate as a victory. There's no way the remnants of the insurgency can be serious contenders against the new Iraqi Army in 3 years from now. According to Kevin it's all over bar the shouting.

Let's have a closer look at the Iranian board. I have recently had discussions with a couple of people who think that the Iranian government must be OK because "elections" were held.

Well this article from the BBC sums up most of the salient points.

First we have this quote:

"But the presidency is not Iran's top post. The supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has more power."

ie the "president" only has a fairly ceremonial role and the parliament is only an advisory body.

And then, the religious dictators get to veto anyone they want, to make the vote a complete farce, vis:

"This time over 1,000 hopefuls including 93 women registered, but the Guardian Council ruled that only six - all men - qualified."

Please don't be fooled, people. This government needs to be overthrown.

But will the US Government carry through? Will it act against a government with an official policy of "Death to USA", which supports terrorism, which is developing nukes, even before we consider the humanitarian reasons for liberating Iran? All I know is that the board has been laid out in such a manner that you'd have to be the thickest of the thick to turn down an opportunity to liberate Iran. The way Bush seems to be pursuing diplomatic methods doesn't endear me with confidence that he'll do the right thing. But as Churchill famously said "You can rely on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted every other option". I'd rather just see a unilateral declaration of war by the Prime Minister of Australia than wait around for America to stop dilly-dallying around.

We live in interesting times. With a bit of luck, this is the end of history. The entire world part of NATO. And we can finally start reducing military spending. Everyone having the same rational and humanist ideology - ANTI-SUBJUGATION.

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