Australian GG responds

This is late (I received it 2005-07-20), because I've had more important things to post. I'm still waiting for PeteS to respond to my comments, but if he's busy I don't want to delay posting the backlog of posts I have on hand.

So here is the response from the Australian Governor-General (relating to my request that he overthrow the Australian Government and give us a Bill of Rights to protect us from our government):

Dear Mr Edwards

Thank you for your email to the Governor-General concerning human right issues.

Major General Jeffery appreciates the time and trouble you have taken to write to him about this matter which he understands has caused you great concern. However, I am sorry to disappoint you but responsibility for matters such as this rests with the relevant minister of the elected government of the day. It would therefore not be possible for the Governor-General to accede to your request. May I suggest if you wish to pursue tis matter further, you approach the Hon Philip Ruddock MP, Attorney-General, at Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600, or alternatively, your local member of parliament.

Yours sincerely

Philip Hart

Senior Executive Officer to the Governor-General

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