Here is something I have been doing all my life, and it never occurred to me that others weren't doing exactly the same thing. I noticed that the world was hostile and I needed to see who I could ally with in order to gain protection. This was my main goal. Protection of myself and protection of others. I was on the US's side during the Cold War, when I was a child. But I got a shortwave radio (when I was living in Fiji) and listened to the USSR's propaganda as well. I was on the UK's side during the Falkland's War and I was quite disappointed that Australia didn't join in the fight. I don't like to see a member of the free world having to fight alone.

I lie awake at night trying to "crunch numbers". Trying to see if there is some way we can get Russia on our side so that the free world's ideology will be victorious. Seeing if we can topple some dictators and end up with allies instead of enemies. How do we get India on our side? They already have a democracy, but they're not joining the team. Why not? These are the problems that I seek to address. I do not have any hangups about the use of force. I consider the use of force against a dictator to be a wonderful thing. I do not hesitate to use calculated violence to overthrow someone else who rules by force of arms. I have always hesitated about mindless violence though. I tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to avoid fights at school because they served no purpose. But calculated violence is a thing of great beauty.

So this is where I am coming from. I spend my time reading such things as the "Daily News" at Serbia and Montenegro's ministry of foreign affairs. It is truly beautiful that placing a few bombs on Yugoslavia caused it to change from a anti-NATO dictatorship into a pro-NATO democracy. As far as I'm concerned, they can have Kosovo back now. I was keen to break territory away from Milosevic's dictatorship, but now that it has turned into a democracy I want it to stay together. That is the modern trend - towards integration into larger structures such as the EU, not splitting apart. Incidentally, Russia felt betrayed when it saw S&M trying to join NATO. In my analysis, Russia hasn't grasped the concept of alliances based on CURRENT IDEOLOGY instead of race or historical grievances. S&M's government has wanted to join NATO's Partnership for Peace program for years now. But they are being denied entry until they find Mladic. I think that's pretty unfair myself. I don't think they know where he is.

Basically I want to snuff out the enemy ideology, ie governments that are dogmatic (e.g. Communist), non-humanist (e.g. racist), or subjugating (i.e. dictators). I can see the whites of their eyes and I want to go in for the kill. The free world has a MASSIVE advantage against tinpot dictators if only we choose to exercise it. I have chosen to spend all my time studying these countries to come up with the best plan to gain allies. My deliberations lead me to choose Iran as the most lucrative target. 70 million allies waiting to happen. The Iranian youth have been smart and boycotted the election allowing a radical to get elected, in an attempt to force our hand and get us into action against the Iranian regime.

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