To Palestine with Raised Eyebrows

Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Territories

Dear Sir,
I noticed that you are overjoyed that Jews are being ethnically cleansed from Gaza. Jews are just human beings. You shouldn't be happy that some humans are moving from one place to another. It's the same as some dogs moving from one place to another, or for trees to move from one place to another. It doesn't make any difference. This is not the solution to the problem. All it does is highlight the fact that you are a racist/religious bigot wanting to ethnically cleanse people. It doesn't achieve anything. It doesn't bring a higher standard of living to Palestinians. It doesn't bring anything at all.

If you actually want to solve the real problem, I have some suggestions that you might find useful.

First of all, if I were you, I'd be more concerned about the human rights and living standard of the Palestinians, instead of dreaming of getting back to 1967 borders, or 1948 borders, or 1938 borders. The human rights and living standards of Palestinians are under the control of you, not Israel.

Israel's military presence in Palestine is similar to the US's military presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Japan, Australia. The US forces do not set the LAWS that the PEOPLE live under. And the Israeli forces don't set the LAWS of the Palestinian people.

The next thing you need to know is that it is not possible to win militarily. The Palestinians think that Vietnam defeated America, so they should be able to do the same. That's NOT TRUE. When the US left in 1972, there were two countries, North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The South Vietnamese were stronger. But between 1972 and 1975, the North Vietnamese got new tanks. And it was those NVA ***tanks*** that defeated SVA ***tanks*** which won the war. America was not even there (unfortunately). If the Americans had provided air cover, the NVA tanks would have been destroyed. Unfortunately many people have learnt the wrong lesson from Vietnam.

If I were you, I'd be trying to create two European-style provinces. One in Gaza Strip, one in West Bank. European-style means full respect for human rights, and all people are equal regardless of race, religion or sex. That means Jews are equal too. And it also means that if a Muslim wants to change religion to become a Jew, there should be NO DISCRIMINATION against him. At the moment, Palestinians are so intolerant that they would kill someone for changing religion. This simply creates a HORRIBLE COUNTRY for the Palestinians to live in.

I would stop all the TV broadcasts that say how bad Jews are, and instead I would teach children that all people are equal, regardless of race, religion, sex or nationality.

I would ban Hamas and all other terrorist groups. I would not allow them to run for elections.

I would also stop Fatah from running for elections. Fatah should
be in charge of a TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATION (similar to how Paul Bremer was temporarily in charge in Iraq). And I would say that there must be new parties created (similar to the 200+ parties in Iraq) and that the parties must all be SECULAR and HUMANIST (ie not related to any religion or sect, and must all treat Jews as equals). This is similar to how Germany bans the Nazi party, and Belgium has similar restrictions.

I would declare that I am in favour of democracy in the Middle East and support the new Iraqi government. I would send a small number of troops (e.g. 10) to Iraq to help with security. This would be a BIG HELP. I would say publicly that I want Palestine to become allied with the FREE WORLD instead of racist Arab DICTATORS.

I would then ask for HELP from a country such as Finland, to help oversee the entire Palestinian government. To make sure there is no corruption. To make sure that the Palestinian government conforms to the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF CIVILIZATION. Similar to how Yugoslavia/Serbia has RADICALLY CHANGED. Besides Finland, you could also ask Australia, South Korea or Taiwan to help with setting up your government and security services so that they are up to FIRST WORLD STANDARDS.

I would tell the Palestinians that terrorism is DISGUSTING and that EVERYONE should help Israel, ie everyone should become a "collaborator". Instead of MURDERING collaborators, you should be HELPING the "collaborators".

I would also suggest that Abbas publicly converts to the Mu'tazilah sect of Islam. I have tried to create a modern version of Mu'tazilah. Here it is:

1. do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
2. fight subjugation.
3. empathy for strangers.

1. amel al nas kma toheb an toammel
2. mouharabeet al ast2ebad
3. wodae2 al nafs ll aekhreen, htaa law kanoo graba2

For full details see www.mutazilah.org

AFTER Gaza Strip and West Bank have been converted into LIBERAL democracies, you can then have negotiations with Israel to find out if you want to have a union with them, or whether you would like to have a separate state, or whether you would like to have Gaza become a province of Egypt and the West Bank to be a province of Jordan.

The Palestinian people are too radicalized at the moment, and they shouldn't be voting, because they support terrorists. Instead, there should be a temporary administration that will oversee the transition of Palestine into a first world country. Tell Finland etc that you want them to stay until such time as they think that the Palestinian people are ready for democracy, ie no longer radicalized and hating Jews. You can't teach children to hate. It destroys your soul. The Israelis are not teaching their children to hate Arabs or Palestinians. No first world country teaches children to hate. Teaching children to hate is a form of child abuse. If you don't stop the child abuse soon, the US will probably overthrow your regime, after it has finished with the rest of the world.

You can easily defeat the Palestinian terrorists. Israel or Finland etc will help you defeat them if you need help. This is a straightforward technical problem to solve. There are no excuses.

I hope you make the right choice.

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