Yesterday something very sad happened. I was chatting to someone who was a refugee from Sudan, now living in Egypt. He had been tortured by the Sudanese government and his fiance had died shortly after being gang-raped by the Sudanese government. What a fucked up world we live in. And it is so easy for the western military to solve this problem. I told him that I would do everything I could to topple the Sudanese government, but that my highest priority was Iran, because Iran is a success story waiting to happen while Sudan is a basket-case waiting to happen. Sudan will probably fracture into 3 countries, all of them basket-cases. And probably all 3 countries will require a Paul Bremer-style recolonization if human rights are to be protected. I don't trust democracy to work there.

But it is so sad that we can't even get people to agree that unleashing the military on Iraq was a wonderful thing, and that it should be repeated in Iran. And some people say we have no right to attack another country without provocation. Well, two answers to that. First is that it's not attacking a country, it's liberating the country by attacking the JAILERS. Secondly, if you commit human rights abuses against ANY human it is a provocation because they are MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

Good grief. This world is so fucked up. The worst thing about it is that I know how to fix all the problems. The ideology that needs to be exported is what was documented in message 666 on 2004-09-11. But what I don't know is how to convince westerners to do this. They seem to be suffering from a dogma that "war is bad" instead of acknowledging "holocaust is often worse than a quick war". And I don't know how to make them change their minds. There must be SOMETHING I can say to make them change their minds, surely?

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