SOS to Betty

Open Letter to Mrs Betty Windsor, Queen of Australia

Dear Betty,
Long time no see! First up, let me apologize for trying to abolish your job at the recent referendum. But honestly, the symbolism was too much to resist. After exactly 100 years of being independent, we would move to being a republic, which is more "normal". One of the talking heads on TV said that it was more important for us to have a Bill of Rights than be a republic. I kept that concept in my mind, but took no action on it, after the politicians reassured me that a Bill of Rights had the effect of limiting rights, not protecting them. However, that whacky theory has now been debunked, the moment these people were charged with exercising their HUMAN RIGHT of freedom of speech.

In short, Australians no longer have protection of human rights. That is why I have resorted to writing to you. I know that you only have a ceremonial role, but that's not what the written constitution says. I know Australia gets by with a "wink wink" as to what our constitution actually says, but it has reached breaking point. We need formal guarantees of our human rights. Our governments have abused their power. And our other institution, the armed forces, have also failed to act. So, I am asking you to exercise your official authority to sack the Governor General, to give him 1 week to implement a Bill of Rights, or be sacked. What I'm looking for in the Bill of Rights is that "everyone has the right to live under a rational, humanist, non-subjugating government and that all human rights, including but not limited to freedom of speech, be protected".

I can't tell you how humiliating it is to live on my knees without my right to freedom of speech. Apparently they've done exactly the same thing in the UK, which presumably means that you're affected to. How on earth do you manage to live with it yourself? Isn't your lack of human rights under the law eating away at your soul? Do you understand the meaning of freedom? Maybe you should consider migrating to USA, where freedom of speech is enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Or are you are happy being a 2nd class world citizen?

Oh, I also have another suggestion for you. To solve the problem with Northern Ireland, you need to ban sect-based parties. Only rational, humanist, non-subjugating parties should be allowed to run for office. And as part of the Northern Ireland constitution, whenever the Republic of Ireland calls for a referendum, the Northern Ireland government must hold a referendum to see if the majority want to be part of the Republic of Ireland instead of the UK. Rule of holes - when you're in a hole - STOP DIGGING! The racist marches should also be banned. If people want to brag about how great the Protestants were for defeating the Catholics (or vice-versa), they can use their freedom of speech to do so in whatever forum they want. There's no need for them to wag their arses about on public property. And people who do boast about how great their sect is should be shouted down as religious bigots, same as neo-Nazis are. And children should be taught that it doesn't matter which country you live in - what matters is whether the rights of the individual are respected.

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