Over to you, GG

Open Letter to Michael Jeffery, Governor General of Australia

Dear Sir,
It is with great regret that I inform you that Australia has become a place where the human right of freedom of speech has been abrogated by the government. Unlike America and Iraq, we have no formal protection of our human right to freedom of speech. I have already written to the Australian Prime Minister, but I know he opposes a Bill of Rights - for whatever sick reason, he prefers Australians to be at the mercy of government whim.

Under the power of the constitution, which no-one in Australia actually follows, and instead we are told to just imagine all sorts of things are in there, that aren't, you supposedly have control of the armed forces. I am asking you to use your purported power to take control of the state, and impose a Bill of Rights. I want you to enshrine that we all have the right to live under a rational, humanist non-subjugating government, with all human rights, included but not limited to freedom of speech, to be protected. You can then reinstall the old government.

Every day that goes by without a Bill of Rights, and with this Victorian legislation in force (which doesn't just affect Victorians, it shows that all Australians have no protection of their freedom of speech), is another day that I continue to live on my knees, knowing that I am less free than Americans and Iraqis. I've never been a 2nd-class world citizen before, until I found out about this heinous act by the government. I am writing to you now, before it is too late, and I lose my right to write this letter, and get jailed or whatever other crime against humanity that Australian governments may wish to impose on me.

I implore you sir. I have a right to not live in fear of my fascist government that doesn't believe in the protection of human rights.

UPDATE: I got a response.

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