War of the Civilians

Could some American please write to this dickhead and tell him we don't need a repeat of Vietnam, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The sacrifices made to date need to be secured. The timetable for withdrawal is "when the Iraqi forces are able to do the job on their own". Which bit of this do you not understand or not agree with? Training up a new Iraqi army, to defeat the remnants of the old Iraqi army, is a straightforward technical task that the US military is quite capable of doing, if you just leave them alone to DO THEIR JOB. They know what they are doing and they didn't ask for you to prevent them from protecting those who are too weak to protect themselves which may I remind you included Iraqi women who were subjected to government-ordered rape. War doesn't go according to timetables, it goes in reaction to the enemy. When the enemy is sick of losing badly, the war will be over. Until then, why don't you go and look at some photos of road accident victims. Innocent American children are being killed and maimed every day because their irresponsible parents are not putting a seatbelt on them. Go and burn your bra about this. Demand some checkpoints and jail sentences for such parents. Or start a campaign to get Janet Jackson to show us her other breast. Anything to keep your mind somewhere other than interfering with the military.

If you've really got your bee in a bonnet about timetables, why don't you go and demand a timetable for transferring the troops in South Korea over to Vietnam? Do you know what happened in Vietnam because of people just like you? Hundreds of thousands of people were sent to commie gulags. Even victims' children were persecuted. Can you imagine that? Being born as an innocent child and having people accusing you of being a greedy capitalist running dog? And you know what else happened? Lots of people drowned trying to escape this communist nightmare in boats. Not only that, but the poor boat people had to face pirates. Guess what the pirates did to girls they seized? Do you care? Look, you're of absolutely no help in the cause of freedom. Freedom has nothing to do with what you call potato chips. Why don't you join the Democrats instead? We don't expect any better of them. Or migrate to France. Look, no-one's asking you to sign up. There are braver men than you or me who have already signed up and are quite capable of winning. All that you need to do is keep your filthy mouth shut. Or better still, open it, and apologize for abandoning the innocent people of Vietnam, and promise to transfer the troops in South Korea to rectify what those who think like you did. The South Koreans can look after themselves. The North Koreans aren't going anywhere.

Which brings me to another point. This war will be won or lost by civilians. The US military is easily capable of winning. Not just in Iraq, but over all remaining dictators, in short order, with the exception of China and possibly North Korea. Anglophone soldiers haven't lost a war, except against each other, for nearly 1000 years. It is the civilians who simply choose not to deploy them, or pull them out early, for bizarre reasons. E.g. in Vietnam, South Vietnam had been secured and was capable of looking after itself, except from an external aggressor. NVA tanks rolled across the border, and could so easily have been wiped out by US air power, but the US forces were STOOD DOWN. By Democrats. And we saw the horrific spectacle of Democrat supporters cheering on the NVA fascists. The Democrats had fallen victim to Soviet agitprop, and they remain in this delusional Orwellian state even today.

We need to start treating this problem with civilians as a war. The liberation of the entire world, bringing freedom and safety, rests in the hands of US civilians. US civilians who are seemingly desensitized to holocaust. We need to figure out how to win this war of the civilians. Mr Bush controls the US education system. How about we make watching the Iraqi terror videos compulsory viewing? How about giving Fox a US terrestrial broadcast frequency? How about sacking all the people at NPR and replacing them with someone who gives a damn about ending holocausts? You know those ads that appear on TV about children living in poverty in Africa or India? How about relaxing the US broadcast restrictions so that ads can be run saying "Look at this Iraqi man having his fingers chopped off - please help end such horror in the world by donating to the US military - liberation department"? For whatever reason, many people have been desensitized to reports of Iraqis being fed to lions. It's no wonder the poor Iraqis think we don't care about them and are somewhat suspicious of our motives. Fortunately Saddam took the liberty of videotaping this. Show the videos. Shock therapy is required to get people back to the reality. And to remind them of the "Never Again" pledge after Auschwitz. The freedom of the entire world is dependent on winning the civilian war. Saddam even took videos of those he had raped. How about getting some pro-war feminists to introduce and show the videos, and then call on "sisters to unite"? Although that assumes there is such a thing as a pro-war feminist. Judging from feminist reaction to the ending of institutionalized rape in Iraq, all the feminist organizations appear to be fronts for the communists. Ok, so what we need is a pro-war humanist instead. Like George Bush. And instead of getting "sisters" to unite, we get humans to unite instead.

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