Kurdish Empowerment

Open letter to Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq.

Dear Sir,
I noticed an Iraqi Kurd, complaining, justifiably, about the human rights abuses and discrimination against Syrian Kurds. He was blaming the West for not drawing attention to this. It occurred to me that he didn't realise that he had been empowered himself to do something about it, and didn't need to wait for the West to take the lead. Let me explain to you how you are empowered to fix this problem yourself. I am a right-wing Anglophone (from Australia), so I am "inside" the culture, and know how we think. Some of our actions may seem strange or inconsistent to you, but there's a logical reason behind all of them.

You are able to liberate Syria, including the Syrian Kurds yourself. There's nothing standing in your way except your own hesitance. The Syrian Army is weak and no match for US firepower. I can tell you how to harness US firepower. If you wait for the US to act on Syria itself, it may or may not. The US is weary of liberation. It turned out that Iraq had more Arab nutcases in it than we were led to believe by the Iraqi exiles. The Iraq war is costing the US a small fortune, and although they can afford it, their largesse is at its limits. But a lot of them don't realise that Iraq was the only country that needed to have nation-building done. The rest of them you just need to change the head of government. You don't need to rebuild the infrastructure from scratch. You don't need to disband the old security forces either. It's all a walk in the park from here, if only they choose to act. My personal choice was to liberate Iran next, as it is a success story waiting to happen, while Syria is another basket-case waiting to happen. But I want you to know that if YOU choose Syria next, it will be done.

Here is what you need to do. It would be best if you actually got the Iraqi Prime Minister to do this, as he's the one who's meant to be in charge of the Iraqi armed forces, but if you step above your normal duties, the right-wing Anglophones are not going to quibble about this minor technical matter. What you need to do is order the Iraqi armed forces to go and topple the Syrian regime. Probably the only Iraqi forces that will obey the order will be the Kurdish Peshmerga. That's fine. That's all you need. Give a number of reasons for your decision. One is human rights violations. One is sending terrorists into Iraq. One is funding terrorism. One is harbouring Iraqi Ba'athists. One is being allied with the Iraqi Ba'athists. And if you REALLY want to cover yourself "legally", what you can say is that you are choosing to form an alliance with Israel. Israel is technically still at war with Syria. By allying with Israel, you technically become at war with Syria too. Having a number of reasons for liberating Syria will annoy the hell out of the left-wing Anglophones, as they have to argue on multiple fronts. And it doesn't really matter. The left-wing Anglophones will be noisy, but they're not in power in USA and Australia. They're in power in Canada, New Zealand and probably UK, so don't expect any help from them. But in the US and Australia they will be ignored. They are the losers.

When you liberate Syria, you must insist "Iraq fully supports the territorial integrity of Syria". If you do this, Turkey has no right to intervene. If you fail to do this, the US will not stand in Turkey's way, and Turkey will annex whatever it wants from Syria and Iraq. The US has made commitments to the long-standing Turkish allies, and will not break those commitments. It can't break its commitments, because if it does, it will lose its alliances and never be trusted again. So you must respect the US's alliance with Turkey if you want to achieve your own goals. Now this action, of the IRAQI president using IRAQI troops (don't mention that they're all Kurdish), to liberate SYRIA (not Kurdistan or Syria Kurdistan) is a matter between Iraq and Syria. There is no reason for Turkey to be involved. The US will keep Turkey out, so long as you do it this way. You can create a federal Syria. Set the Kurdish province to whatever boundaries you like. That will come in useful in 50 years time when you can probably have an independent Kurdistan. But don't worry about that now. Just set the Syrian provincial borders to whatever you want. Since it is an "internal Syrian matter", no-one can complain.

Don't worry about Iraqi Kurdistan being invaded by anyone. Modern wars are won in the air. The US will decimate anyone who tries to take away your freedom. You are safe for as long as you wish to be allied to the US.

As soon as the "Iraqi" forces start the invasion of Syria, call on the entire free world, anyone who supports freedom and human rights, to support your action. You don't need to ask permission from anyone to start the invasion. Just do it. Australia and the US will probably be the only ones who heed the call, but the US is the only one you actually need. The US will provide the air cover you require to be victorious. There is no way on earth that right-wing Anglophones are going to allow one of our enemies to defeat one of our allies. Even if the ally started the war. But you need to act fairly soon. You need to do it while you're still the Iraqi President so that in answer to the question "Does the Iraqi President actually have the authority to do that???", we can reply "We support the Iraqi President's decision to use Iraqi forces to liberate the Syrian people from state-slavery". You also need to do it while the right-wing are still in charge in the US. They will stand for freedom. The left-wing may or may not abandon you. Experience in Vietnam is that the US left-wing abandoned the South Vietnamese allies and allowed NVA tanks (which could so easily have been destroyed from the air) crush the SVA tanks. So you need to act now. I would also strongly recommend that you join NATO. This will give you formal protection, that even the left-wing of the US will honour.

If you remember, I said all you need to do is change the leadership, and keep the existing military in place. This will prevent the Syrian Allawie minority from being discriminated against as well. You need to let them know that the military won't be disbanded, so that the Syrian Army is more likely to defect rather than be pointlessly annihilated. The Syrian Army should instead be disbanded slowly, similar to how the Northern Alliance was disbanded in Afghanistan. Now, the new leadership you need to put in place is already ready and waiting. You can find it here. I suggest that this party is put in power for a transition period of something like 10 years before democracy is allowed. The Syrian people aren't ready for democracy. It's got wall-to-wall Arab nutcases with sectarian grudges going back centuries. You need to teach these people to stop living in the past and to judge people by their current behaviour. It is for this reason that I'm not too keen on "Syria next" and think Iran is the more appropriate target for liberation. But ultimately that is your choice to make. I just wanted to let you know that you have been empowered. You can actually change the whole Middle East if you want. You won't be allowed to fail. Do whatever you want. You're free and you're invincible.

Oh, one last thing. If you don't rein in the PKK terrorists, all bets are off. The commitment to protect long-standing ally Turkey from terrorism takes precedence. You cannot defeat Turkey. It is militarily impossible. But if they continue to suffer from terrorist attacks, the US will not stop Turkey from invading Iraq. Your safety is only guaranteed for as long as you don't attack US allies. And actually, even attacking US enemies, you must not commit terrorism, you must invade with your military forces. You are in great danger if you commit terrorism. Quite apart from the immorality of it.

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