Moral Equivalency gone mad

For those who missed it, in the previous post, 2 left-wing loonies decided to engage me. Over 200 messages later (it reached the limit of my haloscan), they appear to be AWOL. A pity, really. One of them had actually reached the point of agreeing that institutionalized rape was probably a bad thing. The other one, however, was still asking what proof there was that our ideology (rational, humanist, non-subjugating government) was better than the enemy ideology (dogmatic, non-humanist, subjugating government). By exporting our ideology by force of arms, we are using "might makes right". So, do we have proof or not? Or are Australia's liberal democracy and Saddam's dictatorship equal?

Before we begin, I want you to take a look at Saddam's terror videos. I know some of you would prefer not to, but I think it is only fair. These people actually had to EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND these atrocities. The least you can do is watch what it was that was ended with Operation Iraqi Freedom. Bear in mind that these things are COMPLETELY LEGAL. The government that is meant to be defending your rights, is actually chopping off your fingers or cutting out your tongue. Neither of the 2 videos shows a rape, but try to imagine what it must feel like to be raped by your own government. With no-one to turn to. The UN doesn't care - it's considered an internal matter. Well, there are some people who care. Unfortunately they're normally kept on a leash.

Anyway, a non-raping government like Australia, looking upon a raping government like Iran, is just an extension of exactly the same logic when applied between two individuals. If I'm a non-rapist, and I'm looking at a rapist, do I have a right to stop him or not? How do I objectively know that it is wrong to rape? I know under Australian law, I'm allowed to stop him. But how do I know Australian law (ie Australia's ideology) is better than the opposing ideology (ie Iran's ideology)? Is it, or rather, should it be, a universal law, that rape is wrong?

Let's try to analyze this. We could take a survey of women and find out if they like being raped. We can be pretty sure that we'll get close to 100% against rape from them. But just because they're against it, does that make it wrong? A minority of men think it is fine, the Mullahs of Iran included. Who's to say that the minority isn't right in this case? Well, the closest I can come to proof of that is that, as apes, we are genetically programmed to smile when we are happy, and frown when we are unhappy. We are genetically predisposed to be careful when someone is frowning, as it is often a warning that the other party is about to become violent. Thus, we have a survival instinct to not make people unhappy. But even that assumes that self-survival is the correct ideology. Who's to say that is the correct ideology? To that I would argue that anyone who thinks otherwise, shouldn't be thinking at all.

Isn't it amazing how far the Soviet agiprop moral equivalency has gone that some people won't even accept that institutionalized rape is an inferior ideology that should be wiped off the face of the planet? Who knows? Maybe Iranian girls like being raped by their government. I've yet to see a survey of them suggesting otherwise. Anyone got a more objective argument than me, or does everyone else besides the left-wingers just take it as a given like I used to before I was challenged on it?

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