Bryan emailed me with a suggestion that Liberia was a golden opportunity. I agree. They're already pro-US and they've now got international oversight to ensure that the institutions are set up to modern standards. But they don't have much opportunity in Liberia. There's nothing much more than subsistence farming. On the assumption that the free world is going to put an end to the horrors in Africa once and for all, we should start recruiting Liberians. The free world has generally looked to South Africa to do something about Africa. But this one-party Marxist state has shown that it prefers to go WELL out of its way to supporting worldwide Marxism. Even as far away as Haiti, it was trying to pop up Aristide's thugocracy. And of course Zimbabwe gets a free pass also. Marxists need to stick together - they're running out of allies. South Africa has no interest in doing anything for humanity. Nelson Mandela rubs shoulders with dictators like Gaddafi while slandering the US (the greatest contributor to the free world in the world today). Did you expect any better from a terrorist?

So I recommend that we ignore/isolate South Africa, and start turning Liberia into a kick-arse military that will take the bull by the horns and topple every African regime until they are all rational, humanist and non-subjugating, ie secular capitalist liberal democracies. This will also mean that aid money will be spent on the people instead of tinpot dictators. I'm not sure we'll ever be able to eliminate the horrors in Africa completely, but we can certainly try the "world's best technology" as a starting point, instead of allowing Marxist dictators to run riot unchallenged when they can SO EASILY be toppled. And all these countries need to have international oversight until such time as they have shown that they can run a government with corruption levels and human rights records on par with the rest of the free world.

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