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I received a story in my email. Before delving into it, let me make a few observations. The first is that 3 out of the 4 countries that sent combat troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom were Anglophones (ie English-speakers). I had expected the entire free world to rally behind an opportunity to liberate 27 million slaves living in a holocaust. I was shocked to find how vigorously some opposed it. But I expected that at least the Anglophones would rally around the side of freedom. The Anglophones have a long history of supporting the free world, and especially Canada and New Zealand had a hitherto perfect record of turning up when freedom was on the line. I was greatly saddened to see them opposing this operation.

Other examples of Anglophone failure were Britain failing to turn up to Vietnam, and the US being late to WWI and WWII. Only Australia has a perfect track record, and that record was perilously close to being broken as the opposition leader came out opposed to the war. Like most democracies, Australia is split 50/50 and the opposition could easily have been in power instead. I knew that the left-wing opposition were greedy communists, but what I didn't know is that they'd lost their support of human rights and freedom. The anti-Americanism expressed by some is nothing short of racist. This is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed, but I'll leave that for another day.

Another thing that has had me perpetually surprised is why only the Anglophones ever seem to do anything. Why do we not hear of the Norwegians doing something in the world? Do they not have an opinion, or too busy yodelling or do the English-speaking media not know how to translate from Norwegian or what? I once asked a Finn this question, and he said the reason that the Anglophones ran the world was because England won the colonial wars against France, and the US won the Spanish-American war. Interesting answer!

Anyway, without further ado, the story...

This is a story about a right proper lady who had 4 bastard sons. They were rough and tumble chaps except for one who was queer. It wasn't his fault though since he is half French. Anyway the 2 older sons went north and the two younger sons went south.

During their teenage years, the boys were extremely rebelious and asked mom to move out and go home to her own house. This hurt their mother terribly but she didn't realize how much her sons really loved her deep down.

One day, a madman got into an argument with their mother and her neighbors. She was in dire straights and was in danger of having her home taken away. Her sons came to her aid as they had grown and were quite stout fellows.

They showed their mother their loyalty to her by defending her honor twice against the same bully in her neighborhood. Now that they have grown, their rebelious nature was toned down and their mother realized they needed to be their own men.

Today the oldest son is the richest most powerful man in the world. His queer brother living upstairs has done well enough for himself but still needs his big brother around to make sure the other kids don't pick on him. The younger boys have also made out quite well for themselves. They live down south and also well to do and are the toughest kids in their neighborhood.

Today the blueblood snobs in mom's neighborhood are green with envy that those bastard boys are now richer and stronger than all her neighbors combined. This brings great pleasure to mom as those backstabing snobs are spineless neutered & broke and have to ask mom and her boys to keep the bully's they once were away from them. They just don't understand that principles are more important and riteous than swindling a quick buck.

It looks like mom and the boys will need to teach them all a lesson since they don't seem to know right from wrong.

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