Good Morning Vietnam

Thirty years ago today, tragedy struck. To quote the BBC - "Hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese officers and soldiers were imprisoned for years after the war. Discrimination against them and their families, including children, forced millions to risk their lives on the open sea to flee Vietnam."

I am SO sorry this happened to you. It was probably the darkest chapter in Anglophone history. We abandoned millions of Vietnamese allies, and allowed them to be frogmarched off to commie gulags against their will. In the middle of the Cold War even. It was unbelievable. It was NVA ***tanks*** that defeated the SVA, not the glorious VC guerillas as myth has it. The VC were completely wiped out after the Tet Offensive. The war had all been won. All that was required was for the SVA to receive money and weapons to match what the NVA was getting from the Soviets, and they would be in the same position as South Korea. Hell, all it needed was for US air support which would have wiped out the NVA tanks. It was all held back, for no reason at all. It was the US Democrats who controlled Congress who denied both the funding and the air support. Something they have never apologized for. Hell, they even cheered it on. Disgraceful. We all disappeared up our own arses.

But let's not just look at the US, where were Britain and Australia when freedom was on the line? Unfortunately both had left-wing governments as well. I'm so sorry for the people of Vietnam. The good news is that the free world now has the technical ability to relatively easily liberate you. This time it will be our tanks crashing through the presidential palace to bring in a new regime. The bad news is that although we have the ability to bring you justice and freedom, we don't yet have the political will to do so. However, as I promised the Iranians, I will do everything in my power to create a political consensus to liberate you, albeit belatedly. I just want you to know that your suffering has not been alone. I have empathy for you. Your liberation should be included amongst Australia's highest national priorities. I will do my best. I am so sorry. If anyone deserves justice and freedom, it is you.

Oh, I'd also lay some of the blame on the rest of the non-Anglophone free world, but I don't think they would understand. Here are a couple of links of interest.

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