Rogue Nation

In the past I have mused about being about to reconfigure NATO to oppose the US, in the hypothetical situation where the US had a military coup and became a rogue state. I never actually expected that to happen, it's just that freedom is so precious that we must consider every single possibility.

I never expected America to have a president who actually supports theft. Trump openly stated that "we" should have taken Iraq's oil back in 2003 and maybe "we" will get another chance.

This is not the America that I supported in 2003. The America I supported was one that gave the gift of freedom to Iraq at great personal cost and never asked for a damned thing in return. This America is the most beautiful force for good the world has ever seen. The most generous people on the face of the planet, even on a per-capita basis.

What we have in 2017 is not what we had in 2003. In actual fact, Trump is the first person in the world I have actually seen who supports the concept of stealing from others. Stealing from people poorer than America in fact. Perhaps because Trump is used to stealing from others by declaring bankruptcy he doesn't think that stealing is wrong, even though I would have hoped that children in America are raised to believe that stealing is wrong.

Regardless, it doesn't matter. For whatever reason the US has become a rogue state, now is the time to implement emergency measures. Until such time as Trump admits that he was a horrible and disgusting human being for suggesting stealing oil from the Iraqi democracy, and we are extremely confident that he's not just bluffing, we should treat the US as a rogue state. Australia should lead the way in creating a new military alliance, and Iraq should join that alliance in order to protect against America. American forces should be removed from Iraq and replaced by new alliance forces like Australia.


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