Act of War

ISIS is not just a terrorist organization. It is defacto an actual state. It has territory where it sets the laws, and is the government. As such, the attack on France which it claimed credit for, is a genuine Act of War for which France should be responding to. Not just France either. France should be invoking Article 5 of NATO, getting other nations to assist.

NATO is now so widespread that French troops can actually travel via land through all-NATO countries to reach Syria. France should then extinguish the defacto country/nation-state of ISIS. After doing so, it should remain there ostensibly to prevent ISIS regaining territory, but actually it should be creating an environment preventing Assad from entering "Free Syria", and assisting the Syrian Democratic Forces to build up a military that can take on Assad.

Although what would be even better is for France to just hold all of Syria responsible for the attacks on Paris, and defeat not just ISIS but also Assad.

BTW, I rarely blog these days, but I frequently tweet here.


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