Hyperbolic Thinking

The last of the posts on Road of a Nation which I wish to share at the moment is another one from "thinker". She did very well reaching beyond my wall of (as someone else called it) dry sarcastic wit. Anyway here are two of her posts.

Maha...When I first started to post on this board I called Paul a racist warmonger.  I know him very well after many months and here is what I think about Paul(with apologies to Paul):

Paul is verbally brutal but his facts are almost always right.  He is so intellectual that he is often obnoxious.  He used sarcasm and hyperbole(exaggeration) sometimes in a very sophisticated way that is very difficult to understand if English is not your first language.  He is not a racist.  He IS what we in the west term a 'hawk'...someone who believes in the use of force and is not hesitant to use it.

He is logical, probably compulsive.  My best guess is that he has a heart of gold and is completely faithful to his family who know how brutally honest he is. He has a soft heart that cares deeply about all people.

At times he says things for the 'shock' to get your attention.  He is extremely competitive intellectually which makes him fierce in his views.  He would have made a great lawyer or judge because his opinions are grounded in fact.


You are obviously not as good at it as I am. Hehe.

Acually, I think you would have made a good judge or research lawyer but probably not so great a trial lawyer where there was a jury.  You would do well arguing a case in front of judges though.


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