Syrian Solution

I think we now have a way of winning in Syria.

We can arm the FSA and Kurds, and claim that it is to fight ISIL, which right at the moment would even be true.

We recognize the FSA as the true representatives of Syria, and even give them aircraft. There are air bases in Syria already out of Assad's control.

This will allow the FSA to roll back ISIL and when that job has been done, to roll back Assad's forces.

Let's roll!!!




HK Protest in Sydney

Today I attended a small-scale protest in Town Hall Square. The protest was officially slated to be from 12 noon to 7pm, but I only attended from about 12:30pm to about 5:30pm. I signed my name on the petition they had there. I also took a yellow ribbon and pinned it on my shirt. I was wearing my "democracy" headband.

Someone from "The Newsroom" of Macleay College interviewed me and asked me why I was there. I explained how 25 years ago when I was 21 years old I attended the Sydney protests against the Chinese government over the Tiananmen Square massacre. They also took my photo and I gave the Philippines "laban" ("fight") sign.

Someone from SBS filmed the stall, but I don't think I was in the shot, and I didn't watch SBS World News today.

I managed to strike up a conversation with someone but I really prefer chatting via the internet. The internet is a great medium for thinking soundly about every point and giving a full answer.

Shortly before I left I asked one of the organizers if they were accepting donations. I was going to donate $100. But she said they weren't accepting donations. I also asked her if she thought I should get on a plane and join the protests in person, but she said that wasn't necessary and the support I had already shown was enough. I told her point-blank that if we have a rerun of 1989-06-04, I want to be able to look any Hong Kong person in the eye and say "I did absolutely everything I could to protect the people of Hong Kong".

China is a real tough nut to crack. Unlike tinpot countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, we do not have any good military option for dealing with China. We would be risking a nuclear war, which is too high a price to pay. We instead need to do a glorified psyop to get the communist dictatorship to change its mind. And that is what I have attempted to do via my blog. I am hoping now that I have made contact with some Hong Kong revolutionaries that we can formulate an information campaign to change the mainland Chinese. The stupid mainland Chinese don't see anything wrong with spreading their dictatorship to Taiwan, instead of looking up to Taiwan as a model, and asking the Taiwanese to take over governance of China.

P.S. Here is the article, where I am mentioned. Also, SBS News was published on the web, and the Sydney protest was not covered.


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