Converting to Islam

When Air France Flight 8969 was hijacked by Islamic terrorists, the following happened:

"Passenger Zahida Kakachi recalls Lofti calmly converting two woman to Islam, herself and another woman, though Kakachi was only pretending so that she would not enrage or upset Lofti"

This is the exact correct thing to do. There were some very confused people (terrorists) on board the flight. They are incapable of understanding that a person's religion is unimportant and trying to convert everyone to your religion is the sign of being a complete nutcase. It is also completely harmless to pretend to convert to Islam to placate these people to try to defuse the situation.

That's also the correct reaction after 9/11. Although it would only take a few minutes for America to turn every Islamic country into a glass desert, that is not the humane action to take. The humane action is to de-escalate the situation by massive (temporary/faked) conversion to Islam. The new converts would then be in a position to personally demonstrate how to "interpret" Islam the same way they previously "interpreted" Christianity.

After the crisis is over and the bad Muslims (non-Christian-like) have been converted to good Muslims (Christian-like), it doesn't matter if the fake/temporary Muslims revert back to Christianity, as the competition for converts would be over.

This is why I converted to Islam as soon as I was sure Islam wasn't the enemy, because I had the true enemy isolated in message 666. And all I needed to do was "interpret" Islam such that it meant what secular humanism had derived in message 666.




Afghan Left/Right Split

Open Letter to Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan

Hi guys. Would it be possible for you to discuss economics with each other and find out which of you is more right-wing/left-wing than the other? And then create two parties called "Left" and "Right" and allow people to vote along economic lines instead of ethnic lines? In Australia (where I'm from), the left-wing party once tried to socialize dental health to provide "free" (ie taxpayer-funded) dentist visits, but they were defeated at those elections. Seeing the doctor is still "free", but the right-wing party does things to try to get people to take out private health insurance to move the burden off the public system.

Thanks. Paul.





I recently purchased the domain mh370.com in the hope of attracting more traffic to my website. mh370 is a hot topic, and my website has the solution to bad people doing bad things like hijacking planes (see the enlightenment document). I get around 250 hits per day from mh370.com which is probably more traffic than I can get with lots of online advertising. This is extremely valuable to me, which is why I don't want to give up the domain lightly. But everything has its price, and I reckon that for $20 million I would be able to do some sort of advertising to help match the 250 hits per day. Or failing that, I'd be able to advance my programming project significantly with that kind of money. But honestly, I don't think anything will be able to match being part of recorded history.

Some people might think it is in bad taste to use the domain mh370.com, but I disagree. Whatever foul play occurred on mh370 (or other hijackings), I have the solution available in "message 666". I actually wondered whether the correct moral thing to do to spread my message was to employ spammers, as the message is so valuable and I need to get it out. But I was unwilling to do that. But taking advantage of a hot domain is the exact right moral action.

As a reminder, here is message 666:

I am AGAINST racism.
I am AGAINST sexism.
I am AGAINST religious discrimination.
I am AGAINST dogma.
I am AGAINST subjugation.
I RESPECT INDIVIDUALS who VOLUNTARILY donate to COMPLETE STRANGERS (ie different race, different sex, different religion, different nationality) using their OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY.
I will FIGHT using my BRAIN subjugation of ANY HUMAN.

I am AGAINST nationalism.
I am AGAINST non-humanist behaviour.

P.S. ebay.com wouldn't let me list the domain for $20 million. It had a limit of $500!

P.P.S. godaddy had a maximum initial price of $50,000 so still not what I want.


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