Afghan Elections

I am watching elections in Afghanistan. There are two front-runners. One of them is Abdullah, who I support. He's a nice guy. He was willing to go against the dictator Rabbani in Bonn:

"Under pressure from Russia, the younger members of the Northern Alliance decided to mutiny and continue to participate in the Bonn Conference with or without the support of former President Rabbani."

That was a great blow for a free Afghanistan. And this avoided the need for the Western forces to go to war with the Northern Alliance.

There were other tense moments like removing Ismail Khan from power in Heart (western Afghanistan). And getting Fahim to accept international forces plus new Afghan forces. But deft diplomacy won the day.

Also I think it's cool that someone with Tajik blood could become president, the same as Obama in America. While I didn't support Obama myself, I am happy that Obama was able to demonstrate that there is no white barriers to blacks. I supported having a Pashtun as head of state in 2001 so that we had real evidence of Pashtun (Karzai) vs Pashtun (Taliban) instead of treating all Pashtun as a single collective.

Basically I am really happy about how the Afghan and Iraqi wars played out. Pretty much everything has been done the way I wanted it to be done. I do admit that I didn't expect the wars to take so long, as I was expecting 99% in each country to be extremely happy to have their dictator overthrown. The fact that we didn't get 99% requires a massive research project to study. I would like to contribute my writing to such a project.

UPDATE: Here is Abdullah being named as a mutineer against Rabbani.


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