Saving Private Osama

For the record, I bent over backwards to try to save Osama bin Laden from getting killed. Firstly, the US and allies certainly had a right to kill him. I don't expect that everyone can bend over backwards to the same extent as me, which is why we have war.

But if it was up to me, we would have tried to bring Osama in from the cold. From a position of strength, we could have gotten everyone in the free world to agree that they are Muslims, following the Sufi or Mu'tazilah sect, and change the whole equation. Watch Osama react to that development.

Osama is merely a product of his environment. He was not evil, he had just been led down a wrong path, and never had the brain power or courage to rid himself of his childhood indoctrination.

A religious war in the year 2001 was something that people in the West couldn't even comprehend. In the West, religion is just a personal choice. But Osama's brain was not in the year 2001 of the Gregorian calendar. Osama's brain was centuries prior. That's not a reason to hate him. That's a reason for fixing the education system in the Middle East. They can start by explaining how bad the Middle Eastern dictators are, compared to Israel's liberal democracy.

Osama bin Laden should be loved as much as you would love a beautiful lion that ate your child. He was a natural animal.

However, since no-one is going to listen to me and convert to Islam the same way I did, we must return to the war. But let it be known that obstinate Christians are choosing war over peace, as is their right, but this is a hypocritical stance given Jesus's pacifist teachings. Let's face it. The world needs Jesus to give the nod to perpetual war against non-humanists. But try to change as many non-humanists as possible so they don't need to be killed. Understand them.


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