Language Wars

It is possible that the wars between England and France were over which language should be the lingua franca. And now we have a new war between English and Chinese.

I am glad that English seems to have won that war. My loyalty is mostly to the English language. I made a decision a long time ago that anyone who didn't speak English wasn't worth knowing. That is the extreme arrogance of an English-speaker, and that arrogance is something that I normally wouldn't tolerate from anyone, including myself.

But it was an empty threat. I didn't really want to exclude non-English speakers, although I did have an expectation that they learn the international language. After I had finished bouncing ideas off English-speakers, and STILL not gaining any following on my blog, I decided it was time to ensure that non-English-speakers were accurately represented by the English-speaking people from that country. ie to make sure that a non-English-speaking Chinese person was identical in every way to an English-speaking Chinese person, and that the only difference was a minor point that they spoke one less language.

But freedom, and my ideas, are so important that I couldn't leave anything to chance. So I went and downloaded and installed QQ and started contacting Chinese speakers. Since Chinese is the weaker (female) language, as a male it was polite for me to defer to the female, and so I used google translate to introduce myself in Chinese.

This is the proper way for the strong to approach the weak, in any aspect of life. Defer to the weaker party, unless the weaker party is evil and needs to be defeated. In the case of Chinese individuals (male or female), the right thing to do was defer to them. QQ was their software, and I was a guest in their country, basically. The absolute wrong thing was to throw my weight around and call them idiots for not learning English. Especially when dealing with females.

The absolute best thing I could do was to not just say to them "Hello. Do you speak English?", but to put everything into their beautiful (but impractical) characters. So that's what I did, translating again and again until I saw if I could convince non-English-speakers to follow my ideas and eventually follow my religion. That was an untapped group - non-English-speaking people. If I could get in via them I would be in a position to be able to say "first!".

One thing I seem to remember from my communication via QQ is that one of them said "Han" as an introduction to me. Which made me suspicious that I was part of a botnet, and everyone was playing a game of who had the superior race. I responded to that with "anti-racist" (in English), basically telling the racist Chinese to go fuck himself. ASIO/CIA apparently wised up after that and started intercepting my communication so that I didn't encounter any more "Han-ers". But it was too late. I had already imparted the concept of self-identifying as an anti-racist to the Chinese, so the Chinese may have everything they need now to avoid getting nuked and to becoming the number 1 country in the world. Ball's in their court now. And this is why I tried to defect to the Chinese embassy too. I want to make sure the Chinese have been given every chance to reform before a decision is made to nuke them off the planet.

P.S. When I was in France touring, I used to say "Excuse moi. Parlez vous Anglais?" (Excuse me. Do you speak English?).


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