Dance of God

Here is my latest hypothesis for the nature of the universe. It is a dance.

In the same way that mathematics could exist without an actual universe, I believe thought can exist without an actual universe. Ie something similar to when we dream. The characters in our dreams can probe their universe too, but ultimately their universe is completely a thought process. It doesn't correspond to anything physical, if that concept even exists.

Now contemplate the initial thought. Imagine you woke up in a dark room and your memory had been wiped such that you didn't know how got there. You might even be blind. You haven't opened your eyes yet. Other people may not exist. You can't even speak English. Scary thought? That's what would have faced the Initial Thought. For the purposes of this conversation, you can call that a god. So Initial God. Or simply "sentience". It doesn't need to be a physical being - indeed, there's no such thing as physical at this stage. What would you do if you awoke in such a terrible situation? All you can do is think.

Someone once said I would not make a good lawyer, because I argued both sides of the case. It's basically possible to argue with yourself. On this blog I have previously ripped into my own writing from decades prior. Sometimes I will adopt a position just to see what the hell happens. What pushback/arguments I get.

Anyway, here is what I would suggest as a course of action if you ever find yourself in that situation. Separate your "brain" into male and female portions. Or left-brain and right-brain. Same thing. The male half of the brain is designed to react without hesitation to input. The female half is designed to consider things in more detail. Each side takes it in turns to construct an imaginary (but note: imaginary = real) universe, via a series of "I believe" statements. Both sides must agree to every "I believe" statement, otherwise the universe must be destroyed and go back to the last point where they both agreed. They would be constructing different universes if they didn't agree.

For ease of reference, you can call these two divisions Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve then begin a torturous process of explaining what the world looks like. Either party can refuse to continue, so neither party can harm the other. So, there are things like "I believe we live on a planet.". The other person needs to ask "What's a planet?". "It's a big round object". "Ok, I believe that too. How many planets exist?". "Planets are arranged in groups, called a solar system.".

Everything you see today - humans, animals, plants - are all constructed via such statements of belief. The beliefs then included "I believe males and females have a collective consciousness". Ideas are exchanged between any male and any female.

In 2011 my brain was reacting to what it perceived as the imminent destruction of the universe, due to the unsustainable construction that had been erected. Overpopulation etc. The females wanted a world where money was put into beautifying the planet. Men wanted to continue fighting each other until someone won. Neither side could agree to the state that the planet was in, so it was time to destroy this universe and start again. A never-ending story. With males and females potentially swapping roles for the next iteration. Anyway, as a male, I could see that the female version was unsustainable because they had failed to take into account the potential threat from exoplanets. So I rushed outside to tell the nearest female that they needed to defer to men on matters of war, because they would have allowed the entire planet to be enslaved by another planet. They accepted this and we got an extension on the universe.

In 2012 destruction was imminent again, because the world was still unsustainable, but I was again able to negotiate an acceptable dance, where women did not need to be afraid of being weaker than men. They can accept men being stronger, and we can continue this universe, so long as it is in the nature of men to ask the woman for her opinion before making a decision.

Statement of belief: I believe we live in a universe where it is in men's nature to defer to the woman whenever reasonably possible (ie without the man becoming a slave himself).

Anyway, the moral of the story is that whenever a man and a woman meet, there is a dance to be followed, if you look closely. There is always a mutually acceptable outcome to be negotiated, and the world progresses when this is derived.

P.S. CONCEPTS can exist without an actual universe. And different people, or groups, or countries, can represent different concepts. It is then possible to MARRY CONCEPTS. What I have been doing all my life is marrying logic with creativity, and then saying that I wish to represent both. But, there is another concept - BEAUTY. And the universe sans me represents beauty. And I represent ugliness. I willingly take on that burden so that we can have a marriage between the beauty and the beast. The universe, for all its faults, has a beautiful side. So do I, but let's not go there. :-)


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