Independents Day

About 20 years ago I was working in Redfern, Sydney. I saw lots of crime from Aborigines (there is an Aboriginal Housing Commission estate located there). It broke my heart to see a nice guy at work turn up with a huge black eye, after he was stopped by one on the street for money, and after giving them money, had his whole wallet taken a black eye for good measure.

We can argue the toss about political correctness, and affirmative action, etc etc. If you want to try out social experiments, fine. Even though I disagree with the very thought of non-colourblind politics, I can more-or-less tolerate such things, and I know why people do that. It appears to be well-intentioned, even though it doesn't produce good results, and is inherently racist.

However, when a policy has gone horribly wrong, and it is endangering members of the public, it's time to put an immediate halt to absurd social experiments (ala communism) and concentrate on protecting the public. That's what government is there for first and foremost - protection of the population. Not social experiments. So an end to the hopefully-well-intentioned program, and an apology to the victims.

I wrote a letter to the NSW government asking them to halt this "Aboriginal housing" experiment and just treat Aborigines the same as every other Australian, so that there wouldn't be any such artificial ethnic grouping in the first place. And if general "housing commission" people are causing a high crime rate, then they shouldn't be there either. Setting up housing commission is another social security program, and I don't oppose it per se, but that also needs to be done in a way that doesn't endanger the public.

I have a similar argument for the Israeli/Palestinian issue. The Israeli government has an OBLIGATION to the Israeli people. It cannot play footsies with the Palestinians who are indoctrinating children to hate Israelis. I would shut down the Palestinian media by way of destroying the power stations.

And the Americans shouldn't be playing footsies with the Middle East either. Ok, I agree that playing footsies in Afghanistan and Iraq were good things. Basically it was an important part of understanding the mentality. Get the Iraqis to honestly say what sort of society they really wanted if the dictator was taken off their neck. Would they seriously vote for someone who chopped out people's tongues? Was that REALLY their culture? No it wasn't! Thankfully, democracy can work there. Barely, but good enough.

However, the same can't be said for the rest of the Middle East. I'm talking like 90-95% of Egypt. etc etc. No more footsies. Time for bombsies.

Anyway, unfortunately the governing NSW party, despite being the right-wing one, didn't give a shit about protection of the public. I can't remember the exact response I got, but it was the usual non-answer "yes we pretend to care about your safety but". And the opposition didn't give a shit either.

With only 2 voices to choose from, both playing "cover your arse" with political correctness, I decided that the solution to the problem was independents. So whenever there was an opportunity, I would tend to vote for the independent so that we would hear more opinions in parliament than the two bland ones offered by the major parties purely to look good in the left-wing media.

And to my delight, I got what I (at the time) wanted! In the 1991 elections we had 3 independents holding the balance of power, and now able to finally put the protection of the public as their highest priority (Israel take note!!!).

You can probably guess that the story didn't have a happy ending. I wrote to all 3 independents, and they all turned out to be even bigger PC nutcases wanting to show the world how much they cared about Aborigines, and very little concern for people like me who had to take my life in my hands just to get to work.

I eventually left my job when I saw a newspaper article about someone getting bashed to death at Redfern Station, and still nothing was being done to address the root cause (basically Aboriginals indoctrinated with racist propaganda from communist types and now present in large numbers to form gangs).

When I chose where to live and work, I chose somewhere that would not need to ever go through Redfern Station until we had a government that cared about human rights abuses. And I mean REALLY care, as if they had empathy for me, and took my fear and my coworkers black eye as a personal attack on them (as I do for my coworker).

I'm willing to take a personal risk (I blogged before about the Indian woman I protected), but I want to have some sense that it is making a difference, as in, every time I get attacked, the perpetrator gets the electric chair, or never to be released, not just put back to have another go, for perpetuity. ie pouring water into sand. ie the exact same reason I refuse to give to African charities, unlike most Australians who seem to exclusively give to those no-hope charities because they are the sexy ones on TV. So e.g. I'd be happy to walk down Everleigh St as bait, and when I get attacked for the "crime" of being a white pedestrian, if the police are then immediately attacking off my attackers to go to the electric chair, fine. I'll take the beating.

This is the same for everything. E.g. I don't want to see the Iraqis attempting a futile revolution and winding up with 100,000 dead for nothing. I want to see US warplanes changing the entire equation. It also breaks my heart when I hear so many people (e.g. a coworker about a week ago) saying that the people need to revolt themselves, no matter how bloody, and they need to learn from the blood. I don't know where these bloodthirsty people come from. The only thing I would learn from blood is that automatic weapons are way cool compared to a bunch of unarmed dorks. But I already knew that. Even the dorks know that.

Anyway, guess what? Australia's just had another election. And honestly, I'd given up on the Australian people. In fact, right here, right now, I'd like to apologize to the Australian people for calling them a bunch of treacherous slimebags for abandoning our Iraqi and American allies in their time of need. Apologize Maxwell Smart style (sorry about that crack ...).

But honestly, take a look at Iraq now. Down to 50,000 troops, and officially non-combat. ie all the heavy-lifting being done by the 660,000 strong Iraqi Security Forces. You know. As they stand up, we stand down. You know, as in, they've already stood up and we've already stood down. You know, just like Bush said all along, but because it took longer than it takes to microwave popcorn, there was all sorts of false claims about the war being unwinnable, in fact, if you listen to some of the dorks that comment here, the unwinnable war was in fact already won by the friggin insurgents.

But I digress.

As you may know, on this blog I had already specifically asked the Liberal Party to liberate Iran, and was told "yes, we're concerned about foreigners, not just Australians, but ..." non-response. And as we all know, they were out of office before taking any action, with no sign that they would be back in office for a decade or more. Rudd was very popular, pulling in 60% figures. No idea why. Also no idea why anyone would think Iraq was an unwinnable war after it had already been won in 3.5 weeks, a military accomplishment for the friggin books. People can literally look at something that is black and swear blind that it is white. No idea why. Self-deception is presumably comforting for some. I prefer to sift through my brain making sure that everything is set up as logically as a computer.

Actually, seems that was a digression too.

Anyway, long story medium-long, the result of the election was that we now have independents holding the balance of power. The difference this time round is that the 3 main ones (enough for the Liberals to get in) are all right-wing politicians. Actually they're from a National Party (ie redneck) background, and their electorate would never forgive them for siding with the Labor Party. Unfortunately, being sort of rednecks, they have stupid policies like wanting high tariffs. But I don't care that much if our markets are corrupted and my standard of living drops 10%, so long as they restart the liberations.

So my plan is to ask these 3 politicians to restart the liberations, starting with Iran (where you can kill multiple birds with 1 stone, as I've explained in detail before).

Maybe this time, some redneck politicians can do what the Liberals are too gutless to do on their own. ie say what needs to be said. No more playing footsies with terrorists. Time for bombsies.

And with America's military being stood down by Obama (although due credit to him for not deliberately throwing Iraq as Vietnam was thrown, despite threatening to do exactly that), I want them to assemble a coalition that doesn't require American participation.

Protection of the American people - especially decent (ie right-wing) Americans - who don't want to go to sleep at night knowing that a government with an official policy of "Death to USA" is out there developing nukes, should be the foremost Australian goal. I'm not even saying we owe it to the Americans for saving our butts in the Battle of the Coral Sea. I'm saying we should do it just because they're decent people, deserving of our assistance, and America will be a "success story" into the future, so it's not like we're pouring money into a black hole by protecting them.

Independents - it's your day to act like you've never acted before!!! You will be hearing the rallying cry for freedom soon enough. I might try a different tact this time though. :-)


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