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Australia actually did something to make the international news (Julia Gillard - first female Prime Minister of Australia), so I found out about it on the BBC website, and being an Australian and all, I felt obliged to say something.


I did make the effort to do a google search to find out if she said something like "well, my personal opinion, as a woman, is that any man on the planet who rapes a woman should be hung up by the balls, as quickly as possible, by any means possible, so when Uday was doing that to Iraqi women, naturally I supported the Iraq War to put an end to a horror that rivalled the gassing of Jews", but all I found was her parrotting Rudd's drivel. In fact, I'd be over the moon if she was one of these women who felt that she needed to go out of her way to act tougher than a man, to help ensure the stereotype of women didn't apply to her. ie prove that she had balls of steel (Maggie Thatcher-style), and unilaterally declare war on e.g. Iran (prove that she's even tougher than Maggie - Maggie never did that).

So, for what it's worth ...

Hey Julia, who let you out of the kitchen, huh? Shouldn't you be like barefoot and pregnant? Countries need strong leaders, not nancy pancy women who spend their entire day wondering what to cook for hubby at night.

We need a man. Only a man can protect e.g. this woman from being beaten (by another man). I'm sorry, but your gender simply makes you incapable of taking the tough decision to go to war to protect women. As a woman, you're more used to negotiating over a cup of tea, and when that doesn't work, you go home and cry to hubby about how mean the Ayatollah was to you. And hubby says "Now now Julia, don't cry. The Ayatollah doesn't really hate you. He only rapes Iranian women, and you're Australian. You know that this whole "female suffrage" thing is just a communist con job to sow discontent in capitalist countries. There there. Let me get you an extra fluffy pillow and then let the man of the house take care of you dinkum winkums."

There are only three types of men in this world. Those who rape women. Indifferent men. And men who protect women. What Australia needs as a PM is the last one. And simply no Australian female Prime Minister would ever have the guts, the fortitude, the love and respect of women, to put her political career on the line and say "You know what? I don't care what the left-wing media says about me. This will not stand. You hear me? WILL NOT STAND".

Anyway, I'm not expecting a union hack to do anything except find more ways to fleece others. But I'm at least going to make an effort to send this letter to her, so that when she's at the Pearly Gates, and I turn to the Iranian woman above, and say to her "this slimebag commie was one of the people who could have easily rescued you and your countrymen (both men and women) from state-slavery, and you know what she did? She yawned and waffled on about greenhouse gasses to the cheer of the left-wing media. What do you reckon? Up or down?". And honestly, at that point, it's over to them. If that Iranian woman, and all the other Iranian women who suffered at the hands of the Ayatollah, and all the men who did too - if they all agree "hey, we never expected a white woman to care about us - I mean, for God's sake, can't you see we're brown-skinned people for whom human rights are more of a 'nice to have' than anything sacred - please, we worship white women, and want all white women, including white women in positions of power, to go to Heaven", well damn it, I sure as hell won't stand in their way.

Let's see how it goes down.

I know Julia. I personally will forgive you for being dogmatic, and bowing to pressure from the media/social pressure to pretend to care without actually going so far as to really care. I know you're just reacting to your genes, and your poor logic skills. I know at the end of the day, it's not your fault. But quite frankly, the sort of people I want to be with are fiesty Iranian women who took to the streets and stared down the Ayatollah, regardless of the ramifications. Those who push back their veil and tell the Ayatollah to go fuck himself. Those women are truly beautiful. And that's who I want to be with.

So Julia, thanks, but no thanks. I don't want you. But I'll let the good people of Iran cast the final verdict on you. If they forgive you, and I already do, I'll let you in to the "clowns" section. Unlike so many people's image of God, I don't want to torture you for eternity. Just let you peacefully die, and after reviving all those beautiful Iranian women, I'll ask them "Ok, we've got this white woman called Julia's brain on file, and we've also got other white women like Beccy Cole on file - which ones do you want to restore - you get to decide what Paradise looks like - you earnt it".

I'm listening to Beccy now after doing the link. It's just so fantastic. Julia, you're a disgrace to humanity, and a disgrace to women. Go and listen to Beccy again and again and try to get your puny brain to understand just what a waste of space you are compared to her. Beccy for PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shit, I hope this doesn't get me in trouble with ASIO or something. I don't follow Australian news anymore, so don't know if pricks, I mean, cunts, like Julia have taken away freedom of speech yet. Anyway, I've already achieved the major things I wanted to achieve in my lifetime. So if now's my time to be locked up, so be it. Worse things happen at sea. Or under the Romans. Pricks. :-( Beccy Beccy Beccy, if I can listen to your song on loopback while incarcerated, I'll be happy enough to know that the Australia I always thought I was living in is still partially there. You beautiful girl. Sing, Beccy. Let me listen to your beautiful heart.


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