Sharon Day

You can expect with the likes of Libya supporting something, in this case, Mandela Day, you can be sure it's all a really really bad cause. Why does Libya support a terrorist who used to blow up white children so that he could achieve a racist Marxist state? Simple. Not because Gaddafi loves blacks. But because he hates whites.

If you want to give someone a day, how about giving it to Sharon and his bold move to move tanks to Mitla Pass in the Sinai, arriving with only 9 tanks, 4 in tow, due to the others all having run out of fuel, thus setting things up for the Israeli Air Force to destroy the evil, racist, religious-bigotted, nationalist, Soviet-aligned forces of Nasser of Egypt, who in fact, were just like the Libyans?

It bears remembering just what utter evil exists out there. These people would slit the throat of every white, every non-Muslim, if they had the opportunity. Just because we happen to have superior weaponry at the moment, so can reduce the throat-slitting to a minimum, doesn't mean it will always be like that. We owe it to our grandchildren to put an end to the scum that are currently being held in check. They can almost certainly be reformed, just as the Japanese were (significantly, anyway). All you need is someone with the boldness of Sharon to marshall the forces of the free world and start taking out these scumbag dictators, one at a time.

Unfortunately the free world appears to have wall-to-wall pissants who aren't planning on doing a bloody thing. It would be nice if some of these people would goad America into a fight. But if America is unwilling to respond to the Ayatollah's "Death to USA" government slogans, and if 9/11 wasn't enough to get them to realise that the entire sewer of the Middle East needed to be disinfected, then what are we left with?

I'll tell you what we're left with.

We're left with Mandella Day.


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