Democratic Iraq

Well, the results are in and Iraq is - Democrat! ie a bunch of whinging morons with little grasp on reality. However, we can live with that, just as we live with the Eurotrash.

They have just enough semblance of decency to be democratic. A whopping 85% say security is good. Let's see you get those results in South Africa!

And 64% now support democracy (vs 14% for a lifetime dictator and 19% for an Islamic State). That's tremendous!

And 51% have enough brain cells to keep the US in their country until the proposed 2011 (or beyond). Even though 56% of the numbnuts now think it was wrong for the US to come in the first place.

Honestly, it doesn't matter so long as these people don't throw the match, which they haven't. They've allowed sufficient time to set up an anti-American Eurotrash country, which, if repeated across the rest of the Middle East, should go a long way to ending terrorism, and at the same time provide at least a reasonable standard of human rights for the decent people (ie not the 56%) who are unfortunate enough to have to live among morons. So with neither the local Democrats nor the US Democrats deliberately throwing the game like they did in Vietnam, I'm a happy camper.

And I look forward to debating with the anti-American Eurotrashy immoral Iraqis once the internet connections and English-language tuition kicks in to full effect. See you soon, scumbags. My allies are the minority of the Iraqi people who are decent, not you Euroscum.




Subsidizing Incompetence

Honestly, how do people get away with
this nonsense?

The US government is bailing out a company (AIG) - and while it's normally better to let companies go bankrupt, I agree that there are reasons to make exceptions. But if the US taxpayer is basically buying a bankrupt company, the rules should change dramatically. None of this "AIG would do its best to cut bonuses by at least 30% in 2009, Mr Liddy wrote to Mr Geithner." nonsense. They shouldn't have anyone earning more than $100k. There will still be plenty of people willing to be General Manager of a large corporation for that money, and it doesn't take much skill to lose money, make bad decisions and go bankrupt anyway.

If taxpayer money weren't involved I would leave it up to the mug shareholder to decide what a fair price for an incompetent executive was, but when you start dragging the tax payer into bad business, there should be stringent conditions.


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