Aces High

On Strategypage, I once saw a question from a German as to why there weren't any aces from the allied side in WWII. There was a technical answer to that question. But the best answer was simply:

WHO CARES? A job needed to be done, and it was done.

And this is indeed the essence of our military. They are professionals. They study hard at their discipline, and know how to win wars. They are under civilian control, so all the civilians need to do is say "go fix it", and it will be done. Quelling an insurgency may take longer than expected if the insurgents have some really weird things in their brain, but at the end of the day, just leave it to the professionals, give them the time they need, and let them weave their magic.

Instead of second-guessing the professionals every 5 minutes and saying "oh, had a bit of difficulty in that operation - LET'S SURRENDER", as the Democrats were prone to do, as the only option their little brains could think of, just be patient.

And here is the end result of that patience. 11 provinces have been transferred to Iraqi control. By January next year another 6 should be added to that list. And by mid next year the last remaining one is due to be transferred.

In 20 years, no-one's going to give a damn about the microscopic detail of how the fighting was done. It'll simply be a case of a US-led coalition invaded Iraq and replaced a cruel dictatorship with some semblance of democracy and human rights (as we define it). The number of people killed on any side will not even rate a mention. Iraq's population will be more than whatever it was prior to liberation, and a plethora of opinions will be available to choose from instead of only being allowed to parrot Saddam.

I'm sure even in 20 years time, there will be stacks of very disturbing opinions from the country. Just as there are very disturbing opinions coming from the US today. Obama answering his stooge's "legitimate question" is a good example of that.

By the way, an Obama victory won't be all bad if he actually does what he says he will do - invade Pakistan!

That rat's nest (the tribal areas) needs to be cleared out. Giving the territory to Afghanistan would be a nice touch too. Hey, if it's OK to steal territory from a liberal democracy like Serbia, the US shouldn't have any qualms about giving territory taken from a terrorist state which doesn't control the territory anyway, and giving it to Afghanistan, which isn't a terrorist state.

It's just not the route I would have chosen. No reason to address that problem, which will probably require a lot of troops (unless you nuke the place), when there's better targets available.

Still, because I'm not a hypocritical lying weasel like the Democrats, when a Democratic president brings some semblance of human rights to the good people who live in the Pakistani tribal territories (e.g. women who don't want to be forced to marry some old fart), I won't be bitching and moaning. I'll be applauding the Democrats advancing MY OWN GOAL. And if the French do it instead, or as well as, I'll be applauding them too.





Well, it looks like Russia have annexed part of Georgia. Not much different from when Russia annexed part of Finland. There's really not much that can be done about this. This is the bogus "right of the strong". While ever we live in a cruel world that has thugs like Russia in it, it is necessary to have an organization like NATO to protect whoever has managed to escape to the free world. Actually, I'd better now call that the humanist world. Because despite the propaganda at freedomhouse, Russia is pretty much free. They just have a totally different value system. They value Slavic supremacy and Russia uber alles, we (or at least, many of us) value non-racist or anti-racist supremacy (and the exceptions to that are the anti-white whites who seem to think that the only way to demonstrate not being racist is to become a self-loathing anti-white racist thus presumably being the hero of the blacks (a bit like Clinton being the "first black president" - good grief).

So, my recommendation is for Georgia to give up that territory before they lose their entire country and end up living in a racist state like Zimbabwe or South Africa where they end up as second-class citizens (although they will still have freedom of speech to complain about that - they will be outvoted by the racist ethnic Russians).

And to anyone who thinks NATO doesn't serve a purpose anymore - the horror of Russian tanks approaching Tiblisi demonstrate otherwise. While ever some people obey jungle rules, it is necessary to have men with bigger guns to keep those who wish to enslave at bay. And to liberate those who are already enslaved.

Of course it doesn't help that the US set a precedent of annexing territory from a liberal democracy (Serbia) to create yet another racist, terrorist state (Kosovo). What they were thinking is beyond me. Maybe they thought that they could appease the Muslims by doing that. Fat chance. You get zero credit for that. You're a hell-bound infidel, remember? No matter how much reconstruction aid you give to Iraq or Afghanistan, you'll be accused of stealing oil and diamonds from each country respectively. I kid you not. No evidence of either allegation is required. That's the world your enemy prefers to live in.

If you annexed Kosovo so as to pretend to be scared of the Muslims with the intention of sucker-punching them, well, that would have some semblance of rationality behind it, except for the fact that:

1. You don't need to sucker-punch them.
2. You did it at Georgia's expense.
3. There was absolutely no reason to poke Russia in the eye when you should be trying to convert it.

And the most ludicrous thing of all is how you attempted to say that Kosovo didn't set a precedent. Like what? You just get to declare that and it's fait accompli? No sir. Anyone can play that game. If you want to be consistent and say that it's OK to annex territory from a dictatorship to set up a liberal democracy, fair enough. But to do the reverse is disgraceful.

However, regardless of American mistakes/crimes, we need to make the best of a bad situation. All the stuff I said about Russia heading NATO now needs to be scrapped. Otherwise the stupid Russians will think that they can get what they want via aggression. They need to learn that they'll get absolutely nothing via aggression.

I think this is something people don't quite understand - people think I support violence and I am against peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. I want peace more than anyone else on the planet. But I want true peace. Not just non-combat. And also peace includes peace between individuals and ethnic groups within a country. And it means that a tyrant like Saddam doesn't cut out people's tongues. That to me is not "peace". That to me is a violent, cruel world. Which needs to be countered by all available means. No different at all from every country employing a police force, which does, surprise surprise, use force. It has to. For as long as criminals exist, whether they be Australian individual rapists or state rapists like Saddam, it is necessary to have men prepared to face force with force. Once again - this is the LEAST WORST option, so I choose this, rather than do nothing and live in a fantasy world where force is not required. We can try to create that fantasy world. And I've dreamt for so long that the forces of the free world can create that sort of world, as quickly as possible, so that things like tongue-chopping don't need to be hidden from children. It's an embarassment to humanity that things like that can stand. You may as well replace "never again" with "again and again". At least that would be truthful.

The so-called Christians think they are really cool by rejecting war. Certainly it lets them be in the left's good books. That must count for something, right? When it comes to their own human rights being violated, they of course want a police force to protect them. But when it comes to brown people having their tongues cut out - well, let's have lofty ideas of non-combat and tolerance and negotiation. It is quite disgusting, and if these people can't see what they are doing, then they should have no expectation of entrance to Heaven. They deserve to wind up in Hell, experiencing Saddam first-hand.

Listen folks. It's this simple. When there's a crime in progress, you dial 000, or 911, or whatever damn number you need to dial to put an end to it ASAP. You can also make a citizen's arrest if you have the ability to do so.


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